Sunday, October 28, 2007

On leave

Ang tagal ko nang di nagpo-post dito. Ang dami ko rin mga kwentong hindi naikukwento. Napupunta ang oras ko sa ibang mga bagay na sa tingin ko ay mas kinakailangan kaya tama lang siguro na magdeclare na ko.

Magbabalik pagkatapos ng ilang paalala.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Discrimination at H&M

More videos:

CBS report
Balitang America

Note: I only got to watch the first half of the interview (I have an exam tomorrow!) and I don't like some of the questions asked by the interviewer. I'll watch the other half tomorrow and delete them if it's not a good source of information.

Monday, October 8, 2007


Earlier, I excitedly told my sister that I had a dream last night that I was walking inside an art gallery and saw Warhol's work.

Her reply: "Ang corny naman ng panaginip mo. Bat mo napapanaginipan yun?"

WTF. Panira! INIS.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Crisis ahead

Gusto ko talaga yung Sociology. Kahit sa UP pa, mahal ko na talaga ang socio.
Okay naman ako sa Psyc e. Pero iba talaga ang socio.
Kahit sa labas ng classroom, iniisip ko yung discussions namin.
Naiiba yung tingin ko sa mundo tuwing aattend ako ng klase.
Sobrang dami kong natututunan.

Okay, crisis ahead.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

WARNING: A lot of exclamation points in this entry

YEAH! Halo-halo Special!!!!

Waaaaah!!!! Okay, I really don't know what to say.

The concert was a success!!!! Yey!!!! This is so surreal! Wahahahaha!!!!

This is the second concert I helped organize since I lived here in this city but this is the MAJOR one. MAJOR!!!

Waaah! Masaya!!!

Will have matinong kwento and pictures if I have the time.
2 weeks of exams comin' up!!! Waaaah!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

And this does not ends here...

My sister just told me about her friends' experience with one of their teachers. Her friends are studying under Maples Collegiate's CVE program. They are Filipinos who recently migrated here in Canada. Of course, they speak Filipino.

The issue begins here.

The teacher made a comment on Filipinos saying that we are disrespectful for speaking in Filipino in public spaces. She said this in class. The kids were so embarassed. They are angry but they could not do anything.

My take...

1) I don't understand why the teacher has to make a comment so specific. Why Filipinos? There are a lot of people here in Canada. Each came from a different nation and, of course, speaks a different language. Why single out Filipinos?

2) English-speaking people go out of the country too. And I am more than a 100% sure that they speak their own language even if they are in a non-English speaking country.

3) Why say this in a class? School is supposed to be a friendly environment for students. A place for them to be comfortable, free of prejudice and racism.

4) In the current social, political, and economic atmosphere, there is no space for this kind of thinking.

5) This is Canada. I don't know if this teacher ever heard of the word DIVERSITY.

6) And seriously, this teacher should go back to college. He/She might have skipped an awful lot of classes. He/She graduated with a narrow mind. One suggestion, he/she should take a course on anthropology.

I speak Filipino with my friends and with my family because THIS is our language. There is no reason for me to stop speaking in Filipino just because I live here. Language is a very important part of a culture. Killing a language and/or stopping someone to use a language, for me, is a crime and a disrespect to the culture the other person has.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

How far will science go?

Napagisip ako kanina nung video ni David Suzuki na pinapanood sa amin sa Anthro.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Big 20

Kasi magtu-TWENTY na ko in 20 minutes... Gusto ko magsulat para sa kanila.
1. We seldom talk about deep stuff but I love, love, love it. I appreciate the fact that I can be superficial and bratty with you.

2. My forever kadaldalan. I miss your kwento. I miss how we hang out after every exam, during holidays and vacations. You are one of the few people who I can sit down with and talk to endlessly without getting bored.

3. I believe you are one of the kindest people ever. I would ran out of positive adjectives when it comes to you. You affected my life more than you know. 15 years of friendship and counting.

4. You are one of the kindest guys I know. I wish you more courage and more drive to succeed. You deserve things that you think you don't. I'm here always.

5. I treasure you even if I feel people are telling you I don't. I appreciate you and I miss your company. I only wish the best for you. You are a beautiful person. You deserve all the love.

6. I truly appreciate the friendship. You are one of the people that I feel should succeed. You are one of the smartest guys I know and one of the funniest too. All the happiness to you!

7. I miss you! I miss the long talks over the phone. (You are actually one of the very few who I can telebabad with! )I miss the asaran. I'm proud of you for being responsible and mature. I hope to meet her soon.

8. There's actually a lot to hate and love about you but I chose to love you. I'm glad to have you in my life.

9. Gago ka but I have no complains. I like you just the way you are. You are smart. Very smart. We both know that. You are also kind, sweet, and trustworthy. Quit pretending that you are not one hell of a guy because you are.

10. I was so touched when you told me you both cried when I had to "take another road". Thanks for making laugh. I must admit that life would be boring without you two.

11. I love your attitude. I admire how you carry yourself and your honesty. Everyone should have someone like you in their life.

12. Underneath that tough shell is a person who's shy and reserved. I value your loyalty, and your honesty. I treasure all the things that we shared. All the laughs are etched in me. I love you!

13. You are special to me even if you think otherwise. I have been looking forever for that keyring you said you want. I'll give it to you when I find it.

14. You are a surprise! I honestly did not think we would click the way we do. Fun forever.

15. Almost 10 years and counting. We have seen each other grow up and become adults. I wish you would find the path you want to take. Wag na pasaway. Thanks for everything!

16. You have told me numerous times how much you value me and I want you to know how much I return that affection. Kahit corny jokes mo. Hahaha! Thanks for the friendship! I can't say how much I'm proud of you!

17. Miss na kita! I miss our tambay days sa stairs. I miss your trademark remarks.

18. You are one person who gets along with everybody. I trust your judgment. I admire your level-headedness. Sometimes I feel that I can't get through you but you have ways to assure me that you understand me. Thanks for the good times and more thanks for sticking up to me during the bad times. Love you!

19. I admire you for having so much courage in falling in love and in love itself. Hindi ko kaya yung mga nagawa mo para sa kanya.

20. You are one of my most favorite people in the world. You don't know that but, yeah, that's true. I mean, why not? You are one of the most respectful and most pleasant persons I know. I'm so proud of you! I feel so proud when you text me about your studies and how you strive to keep your grades up.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Congrats to the UP Pep Squad!


Matatapang, matatalino
Walang takot kahit kanino
Hinding-hindi magpapahuli

Ganyan kaming mga taga-UP!


I miss this intense school spirit.
Iska forever!

Credits to Youtube user Joniang

Saturday, September 15, 2007

2 weeks before H-HS...

Parang hindi natatapos ang trabaho sa concert.
Pero grabe 2 weeks na lang.

Regarding school...I don't know why I feel that I don't have the time for everything. Compared to the previous terms, ngayon umpisa pa lang, I'm constantly running around na. At may na skip na kong klase ni hindi pa natatapos ang September. Hahahaha.

Next week is recruitment week so the group will be busy on another thing aside from the concert. Later, Arianne and I will prepare the things we will be needing during the week.

What else...

Lem and I went to P.Park yesterday.
Saw Patrick at Sears.
Tristan and Arianne came over.
I stayed up until 1.30.

And I have to prepare for the Hell Week on October. Waaah.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Britney at the VMAs

Parang wala syang gana sumayaw.
Parang wala syang gana magperform.
Lipsync na nga lang wala pang emotions.
This is not the Britney that we know!!!
There is NO SPARK at all.

Bring Britney back.
Save her from herself.

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Kailangan ko na siguro magumpisa magbasa kahit di naman talaga ako nagbabasa pag wala pang exam.

Wala lang. Feeling ko kailangan ng EXTRA effort ngayong term para mamaintain ang grades ko. Nakakatakot ang mga major classes. Seryoso na ba talaga to? PSYCHOLOGY? Wahaha!
Ang problema hindi pa rin ako nakakaget over sa pasarap na buhay nitong bakasyon. Wahaha! Ngayon nga lang, relax na relax e.

(Bakit may rainbow ang post na to? Wala. Kasi gusto ko lang. Cute diba? dalawa sila. Hahahahaha!)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sineserye: NBAD

Wala lang. Gusto ko lang ilagay dito na nakakakilig yung Natutulog Ba ang Diyos. Wahahahaha! Syempre hindi sya kasing ganda ng MSKM. Cute lang talaga. Wahahaha!

At marunong na talaga umarte si Jake compared nung kakalipat pa lang nya sa ABS.

Back to school

In a few hours, 2007-08 school year begins!

I'm actually 50% excited. I want to be back in the classroom and learn. The other 50? Well, half of me dreads waking up early. Early as in 7 am early. I'm so used to waking up at 10. Hahaha! Bum na bum!

Hay! Better sleep now!

Note to self: Tomorrow is a THURSDAY so don't plan your day based on your MWF sked.

Friday, August 31, 2007

I missed the online world

After a few days without internet connection...I'M BACK and bloggin'.

Ilang araw lang akong nawala ang dami nang nangyari. Ang daming bagong balita!!! Feeling ko huling-huli na ko. I need to be updated. Lost na ko.

- After days and days of transporting our things to our house, finally, natapos na.
- Pero kahit tapos na ang paglilipat, ang dami pa ring dapat gawin at ayusin.
- Kanina bumili na ko ng libro. *&(^*%& ANG MAHAL!!! Sa mga nabili ko kanina, 1 lang ang below 100. May kulang pa kong dalawang libro (na parehas para sa Computer class) na bibilin ko naman bukas.
- Nagpaparinigan pala si Willie Revillame at si Joey de Leon. Ang masasabi ko lang, may oral diarrhea talaga si Joey at tingin ko hindi na yun "magagamot".
- Tungkol naman sa previous entry ko...Justin is THE man. He's so hot. He's so talented. Hahaha! Dapat i-clone na sya. Hahaha!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

UM-Sigaw Article

Scanned by Arianne Solis The Aug.20 issue of Filipino Journal is out!

In it is an article introducing UM-Sigaw written by Miss Prez, Arianne. There's also an ad for our first major event - Halo-Halo Special. Happening on the last week of September at the university.

Half of the proceeds will go to Divine Mercy, the other half will help get the group going so that we can do more events that will help the Filipino community in the university and in the city as well.

Halo-Halo Special will feature Filipino talents. Tickets cost $10 each.
Nood kayo!

Image- Scanned by Arianne

Friday, August 24, 2007

Cavemen, baby!

Study: Chick Magnets Today Look Like Cavemen
By Jeanna Bryner, LiveScience Staff Writer
posted: 22 August 2007 09:17 am ET

Guys with bulldog-like faces have been chick magnets throughout human evolutionary history.

A recent study of the skulls of human ancestors and modern humans finds that women, and thereby, evolution, selected for males with relatively short upper faces. The region between the brow and the upper-lip is scrunched proportionately to the overall size of their heads.

Among the men who fit the bill: Will Smith and Brad Pitt.

You can read the rest here.

Natawa na lang ako sa study na ito. Kaya mga boys, magunahan na kayong magmukhang cavemen! Hehehe! Kidding!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bandila at the International Emmy Awards

Yep! Bandila, ABS-CBN's late night news program, is one of the 2007 International Emmy Award News Nominees. A first for the Philippines.

A quote from the press release:

“The 2007 nominees are a testimony to the diversity of international television news organizations which now reach a high standard of excellence,” said Bruce L. Paisner, President & CEO of The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, also President of Hearst Entertainment. “The International Academy takes enormous pride in saluting the work of these outstanding news organizations and journalists from Asia, Europe and South America.”

You can read the rest here.

Recommended: The International Academy of Television, Arts, and Sciences Website

It's time for an upgrade!

Ang tagal ko rin atang di nakapag-post. Hahaha! Ang ganda ng title ng entry ko!

  • Folklorama 2007

    Nakapunta kami sa Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Philippines (2 pavilions), at Japan.
    Pinakacool = Brazil
    Pinakamasarap ang pagkain = Spain (Masarap ang luto ng kung sino man ang nagprepare
    Pinakamaganda = Philippines (Seryoso! Walang bias! Iba yung approach nila.)
    Pinakaenergetic = Mexico

    Pero lahat nakakaenjoy! Masaya! Next year uli!

  • UM-Sigaw's Halo-halo Special

    Busy, busy, busy! Parang hindi nauubos ang mga dapat gawin. Hindi ko pa napapaprint ang posters. Er, wala pang final na poster design. Wala pa ring funds. Pero keri pa rin! Tuloy lang ang trabaho! Aja!

  • Moving out

    Nakakapagod. Ang sakit ng arms ko sa kakapintura. Kaya rin busy-busy dahil nga marami-rami rin ang inaasikaso kasabay ng paglilipat (concert!).
  • Sunday, August 12, 2007

    Lilipad, lilipad, Takure!!!

    Magic Knight Ray Earth (Tagalog) - Opening

    Batibot sa Kapuso, Jessica Soho - Segment

    Thursday, August 9, 2007


    Yes! May raket tomorrow. Haha! It should've started today but I felt sick this morning. I don't know why. Must have been due to my abnormal sleeping pattern. Boo.

    My eyes are hurting but I'm still in front of my laptop most of the time. Walang magawa . Sana nag-school na lang ako hanggang August. Ayos lang kahit walang bakasyon kesa naman hindi productive. (Having a job is really not my priority no? Hahaha!)

    Better sleep now. I have to wake up at 4.

    Wednesday, August 8, 2007

    Sarah: Ang Munting Prinsesa

    Weird. Hindi ko matandaan kahit alin dito. Tingin ko hindi ito masyado ginamit ng ABS-CBN. I'm not sure.

    Opening theme

    Ending Theme

    Cedie: Ang Munting Prinsipe

    Opening theme

    Closing theme

    Sunday, August 5, 2007

    Something that will make your eyes roll

    The former transportation commissioner of Minnesota said that most states are having problems in building safe bridges because of the lack of funding.


    What the F?

    It's the United States! The MOST powerful country! How can they not have funds for building safe, efficient bridges when they have money for war?

    This is scary. Seriously. If the US does not have funds to build safe infrastractures, how much more those poor, developing nations? Tsk, tsk.

    Saturday, August 4, 2007


    "Miskol" ang nanalong salita ng taon sa Sawikaan 2007. Si Adrian Remodo, propesor sa Ateneo de Naga, and nagnominate at nagpresent ng salitang ito. Ang Miskol ay nanggaling sa "Missed Call" na usong-uso sa mga Pinoy na gustong mangamusta pero nagtitipid.

    Nakanood ako ng Sawikaan noong 2005. Ang nanalong salita noon ay Huweteng. Na-miss ko tuloy yung mga pinupuntahan naming mga presentasyon sa klase ni Mam Gaying. Na-miss ko yung Bulwagang Rizal. Na-miss ko UP.

    Naalala ko pa yung bilin na Mam Gaying sa akin na wag ko daw kakalimutan ang mga tinuro nya at gawin ko daw proud ang UP. :( Sad.

    Sawikaan Website
    'Miskol' is the word of the year - Philstar

    Thursday, August 2, 2007

    Warhol: Larger than Life at the WAG

    Waaah! THIS IS EXCITING!!! And I thought they wouldn't have a MAJOR exhibition this year!


    October 5, 2007 to January 6, 2008

    Andy Warhol will literally be making the WAG POP this Fall in our season's feature exhibition, Warhol: Larger than Life.

    Credited as one of the major artistic innovators of the 20th century, Warhol's fame spread well beyond painting and printmaking. Filmmaker, sculptor, author, collector, publisher, provocateur, music producer, celebrity—Warhol understood and negotiated the ride of fame, a sophisticated arbiter and manipulator of popular culture and fashion.

    Warhol: Larger than Life examines the entirety of the artist's career. Its Larger than Life focus considers three main issues: the elevation of everyday subject matter to the sphere of "fine art," the celebration of celebrities and their larger than life existences, and finally, the creation of Andy Warhol—his metamorphosis from Andrew Warhola, a sickly young boy from a poor neighbourhood in depression-era Pittsburgh to the New York. trendsetter. Of interest to Canadian audiences, the exhibition also explores Warhol's contact with this country, be it in terms of events, exhibitions, celebrities, or controversy.

    Click here to read the rest.

    Remember these?

    Err, I don't but my mama does. Hehe. Watch these old Pinoy commercials for a trip down memory lane.

    Palmolive's I Can Feel It 1987

    Wednesday, August 1, 2007

    Neil Gaiman's Stardust

    "Every lover is in his heart a madman, and in his head a minstrel."
    -- Tristran

    Saturday, July 28, 2007

    Dance! Dance!

    Inmates from Cebu dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller.

    For more videos click here.

    Friday, July 27, 2007

    Bakasyon na uli!

    Kanina nag-final exam na kami sa Anthro. Ayun, mahirap. Hahahaha! Pero hindi ko na iisipin yan ngayon dahil BAKASYON na!

    Dahil nga kakatapos nga lang nga mga exams kanina, nanoood kami ng Transformers ni Arianne. Yeah, yeah! We are weeks late. Wala na ngang katao-tao sa sinehan kanina e. Ahahaha! Lahat ng tao nakapila sa Simpsons. Hmmm...maganda nga yung Transformers. Magaling ang effects. Gusto ko rin na may rason kung bakit dun nangyari yung gulo. Hindi katulad sa ibang movies na suddenly, this certain city is the center of the universe dahil sila ang sentro ng destruction. Ahahahahaha!

    Ngayon, magbabasa na muna ko ng STARDUST ni Neil Gaiman. Libre to ni Itel sa akin. Wahahaha!

    Wednesday, July 25, 2007

    The Great Fall...Hehe

    Infairness naman kay Beyonce, she handled it well. Pero jusko ang sakit nun a.
    Una mukha.

    Tuesday, July 24, 2007

    Ang Init

    Sobrang init.
    Ang temperature ngayon ay 30 degrees.
    Pero "feels like 41" ayon sa Weather Network.
    Ang init.
    Nakakasakit ng ulo.
    Ayoko magbyahe.
    Kaso kailangan.

    Sana Fall na.

    Sunday, July 22, 2007

    "Look at Me."

    Just finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

    2 days kong binasa. Stopping only to eat, go to the bathroom, and sleep. Intense sobra!!!I like the book. I like how it ended. Gusto ko yung pagkedevelop sa character ni Snape at ni Dumbledore.

    WARNING a bit of spoiler ahead!!!

    I so love the chapter about Snape. Love nga naman.

    Friday, July 20, 2007


    Nanood ako ng Boy and Kris kanina. Parang tanga kinilig naman ako kay Toni Gonzaga at Direk Paul Soriano. Wahahaha! Infairness, ang gwapo ng boyfriend ni Toni mukha pang smart. Worth the wait nga. Hahahaha!

    Napa-approve ko na yung courses ko kanina. Ayun ayos naman. All set na ko para sa registration.

    Excited na ko sa DH!!! Gusto ko pumunta ng Assiniboine mamaya para sa HP event kaso walang ride. Hayyyy. Sana di mahaba pila bukas sa bookstore.

    Thursday, July 19, 2007

    Something interesting

    This is sweet, creepy, funny, and weird.

    Nakita ko 'tong letter na to sa labas ng isang grocery store dito. Apparently, the guy is looking for a girl that he met in a mall last month. Tinamaan ang lalake. Haha! Gusto na ata pakasalan yung girl.

    Hindi ata nakuha nung lalake yung pangalan at number nung babae. Hahaha! Natuwa ako kasi parang episode ng isang romantic TV show. Pang-Your Song. Hehehe.

    Anyway, junk/fast food ang kinain ko ngayong araw na to. I want to throw up. I don't like the feeling. Gross. Aaaaccckkk. I swear I won't eat junk/fast food again.
    OMGGGGG...mamamatay ako sa excitement!!!

    Wednesday, July 18, 2007

    UM-Sigaw article

    Arianne wrote an article about UM-Sigaw.
    You can read it here.

    We received a great email this week. Aasenso na UM-S. Hehe.

    Sunday, July 15, 2007

    Bling H2O

    It's the Bling. It must be the BLING.

    *&^%&% 40 dollars ang isang bote!!!


    Grabe na talaga. Wahahahaha! Sabi nung owner, naisip daw nya to kasi nakikita nya sa Hollywood na ang iniinom na tubig ay nagrereflect ng social status. Example: Oprah = Perrier

    At syempre mawawala ba ang mahal kong si Miranda Priestly na umiinom naman ng Pellegrino. Ahahahaha!

    Infairness, ang cute nitong ParisPink bottle nila.

    Saturday, July 14, 2007

    San ka pa?

    Sabi sa official website, galing daw itong France. Oookay. Ano kaya susunod? Designer posporo? Teka. Parang meron na ata nun a. Ahahahaha!

    PERO nakakaaliw. Wahahahaha! Naaaliw ako mga ganitong kababawan ng mundo.

    Consumerism at its best! ICE ROCKS!

    $5.89 pala isang kahon nito. Saya diba?

    Excerpt from Daily Candy article Ice,Ice Baby:

    When you’re ready for a cold bevvy, remove the seal and drop a cube in your glass. You’ll feel healthy knowing that per liter, you’re getting 37 milligrams of calcium, 157 mg of bicarbonate, 42 milligrams of silica, 53 milligrams of sulfates, and zero nitrates. And since the packaging is totally disposable and recyclable, you don’t have to feel guilty.

    You can read the whole article here.

    Thursday, July 12, 2007

    Isang mabilis lang...

    Ang daming gagawin.
    Ang daming nangyayari.
    Ang daming aasikasuhin.
    Ang daming iniisip.

    Stressed-out na ko.
    Wala pa kong natatapos KAHIT ISA!!!

    Hindi na bukas ang exam. Sa Monday na daw.
    Ibig sabihin iisipin ko pa rin ang exam na to sa weekend.

    PERO kahit paano, SINUWERTE ako ngayong araw na to kaya OKAY na rin. Ahahahahahaha!

    Thursday, July 5, 2007

    New Start

    Today is a new beginning for all of us.
    A new page, a new life.
    I hope that this is the start of everything good and beautiful.
    Hours from now, my family would be whole again.

    I hope everyone is as happy as I am. :)

    Wednesday, July 4, 2007

    A Round of Applause for Mika Brzezinski

    Kelan pa kasi dapat nasa headline ang balitang artista?

    Naalala ko tuloy nung kasal ni JV Ejercito. Buong TV Patrol ata yun ang laman. ^&%$^$^$ Pagkatapos ibalita kung sino-sino ang nagpunta sa kasal at kung ano ang mensahe ni Erap sa anak nya, tsaka pa lang nagbalita ng kapakipakinabang na balita. Bwiset.

    I'm putting this under "Global Issues" because I think news departments of every broadcasting station worldwide should review their system, their ways of delivering news, and the news they deliver to the people.

    Kung ang pagbabalita nila e para lang sa ratings at sa advertisers then hindi dapat sila pagkatiwalaan. Be critical, people!

    Sunday, July 1, 2007

    Together Again

    I'm happy you're back. :)
    I missed you. Haha!

    *wink* *wink* *wink*

    Monday, June 25, 2007

    Over It

    I'm currently taking a break. I'm studying all day (almost!) for my exam on Thursday and I am a little tired so I thought about taking a quick break by posting something here.

    Last day na bukas ng Summer 1! Yehey! Ang bilis ng isang buwan. Sobrang bilis. Next month, I am positive that life would be better and happier. Actually, I am happy NOW but I know I would be much, much happier next month. :)

    To The Cheesecakes: Ahaha! Sorry. Babawi na lang next time. Ahahaha! Pag nag-BDI uli sasama na ko.

    Thursday, June 21, 2007

    Naiiyak ako...

    ...I miss Jollibee. Waaaaah! Waaaaah! Ang daming bago!!! Gusto ko umuwi. Waaaah!!! Gusto ko nung FROST BLENDS!!!

    Hay. May exam ako next week. Finals. Tinatamad ako mag-aral. Hindi ako maka-concentrate (AS IN!!!) dahil may iniisip akong mas mahalaga. Nag-promise naman si Papa na kung ano man ang mapagdesisyunan after all the negotiations, babawi na lang siya (at kami) in a few years pag ayos na lahat at hindi na masyadong ngarag.

    Oh well.

    Kailangan ko mag-concentrate sa pagre-review. unofficial FIRST MAJOR ko ito (di pa kasi ako nagaapply sa Faculty) at kailangan kong pagbutihin. *wink* *wink*

    Wahaha. May maganda ring naidudulot itong pagiging busy sa ibang mga bagay. Lesser time sa harap ng computer at more time outside. Masaya rin dahil madalas na ang magandang weather. Ang sarap maglakad-lakad. :)

    Ooookay. Balik aral na. Kailangang magsipag. Ang dami kong tasks para sa UM-Sigaw right after this exam! Yay!

    Saturday, June 16, 2007



    Ang tindi maka-LSS nitong kanta ng Pinkberry. Hahaha!

    Antok na ko pero gusto ko gumawa ng entry.
    • Lem, Jona, Cheree, and I went to La Grotta yesterday. Desserts galore! After nun, nagpunta naman kami ng Polo ni Lem.
    • Na-check ko yung Psyc2310 midterm exam pag-uwi ko. Ate Karen, thanks for the tips you gave us! :)
    • Kanina, sa ospital, kulang na lang ako ng 15 minutes para maging 100 ang hours ko. Ahaha!
    • "When you walk away I count the steps that you take" from Avril Lavigne's When You are Gone.
    • Beyonce will come here in September!!! Waaah! I want, I want! Sino ba mabait na magreregalo sa akin ng ticket? Ahahaha! Birthday ko naman nun e. Hahaha!

    Friday, June 15, 2007

    Just when you thought he is just another talent...

    ...he starts to sing and proves that he may look "common" but his voice sure is EXCEPTIONAL.

    Paul Potts Audition
    Paul Potts Semifinals

    He is a mobile phone salesman and he sings OPERA.

    (Grabe tong Britain's Got Talent lagi na lang akong naiiyak. Ahahaha! Sa ibang talent show naman kebs lang.)

    Tuesday, June 12, 2007

    Once in a Lullaby

    Britain's Got Talent
    Connie Talbot - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    She sang so beautifully she made me teary-eyed.

    Saturday, June 9, 2007

    Ang Pamana

    Yesterday Sybil and I went to watch The Inheritance: Ang Pamana by Fil-Canadian director Romeo Candida at the Winnipeg Film Festival. The film is actually 165 minutes long (the website says it runs for 65 min) and is one of the festival's feature films. We arrived quite early and were the first ones to enter the theatre. Halata bang excited? Haha!

    The movie marks the first appearance of a Filipino film in the Winnipeg Film Festival.


    When the De Jesus Family gets word in Canada that their family Matriarch, Lola (Grandma) Nena has died in the Philippines, Johnny and his sister Anna are put in charge of representing their parents in Manila for the reading of the will.

    Upon arrival in Manila, Johnny meets to his cousin Vanessa, a junior socialite who shares Johnny's taste for trouble. At the reading of the will, the three grandchildren of Lola Nena are awarded the deed to the family farm in rural Bulacan.

    The 19-hectare property, miles away from the comforts of the modern world, is vast and lush, but things are anything but placid in this provincial landscape - supernatural forces are at work on the land and the crazy stories Johnny's Lola told him in his childhood are real. Are there truly duwendes cursing them?

    The MOVIE

    I think the strongest characteristic of the movie is the visuals. The shots are beautiful, the cinematography is superb. The locations they chose suited the story well. Lola Nena's ancestral house is indeed eerie and the farm is, well, a farm with huge, scary trees. I also like the way they showed the supernaturals. There are only a few glimpses of the kapre, the voices of the duwendes, and a few minutes of the manananggal in action. There are less prosthetics, less blood in this movie than the average Filipino horror film. Even when one of the characters died, the audience only saw a bloody hand - no actual scene of the death, no screams. However, this technique also worked against the movie as I will discuss later.

    The story, on the other hand, is simple and almost typical. What I like about it though is that it isn't "preachy" about being Filipino and being Canadian. Johnny's character has doubts and questions about the folklore but those are not linked to the fact that he is raised abroad. The bad part? There is no solid conflict that the main character has to solve. The big secret of the story does not even concern him. Johnny has personal issues but the weight of it is almost the same as any of the other characters'.

    Being a horror/thriller film, I suppose that the primary aim of the movie is to frighten the audience but I think it failed to truly give THE scare. There are some parts that surprised/scared me like Lola Nena's ghost appearing everywhere but that's about it. Like I said above, I actually like the subtleness of the way they showed the scary forces but I think horror movie fanatics would be disappointed. It lacks the scary factor. It is not the kind of movie that will haunt the audience even after they left the movie house and for that, I think, it came short.

    The CAST

    Sybil and I are quite surprised for most of the cast members are veterans when it comes to acting - not to mention being active in the indie film circuit. Jaclyn Jose, Tirso Cruz III, Alan Paule, Nonie Buencamino, Susan Africa, and Angel Aquino are some of the artists who appeared in the movie. Most of them only have bit parts but they still delivered well as expected.

    Darrel Gamotin, who played Johnny, is also good for a relatively new actor.


    • Nice visuals
    • Good cast
    • Not for Horror fans
    • Weak story


    I like the movie because I am not a fan of Horror movies and I am a sucker for great cinematography and nice visuals. 3 STARS out of 5

    FlashNews of the Week

    • Nakabili na ko ng Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows kahapon habang nagiintay kami ni Sybil para sa screening ng Pamana. Yeeeeaaaahhhh!!! Exciting! Okay, that was so nerdy-geeky,-dorky but I don't care. Hahaha! HP excites me. Actually, mixed-up talaga to. As you all know, the 7th book is the last for the HP series. Sad. Naku kailangan talaga ng withdrawal sessions pagtapos nitong Harry Potter. Hahaha!
    • Kahapon lalo namin napatunayan kung gaano kaliit tong lugar namin. Ahaha! Tawa kami ng tawa nung na-realize namin ang mga pangyayari.
    • I'm too damn lazy to study for our Psyc midterm exam on Friday. Wala. Wala akong nagawa today. Ewan ko nga kung tamad lang talaga ko o talagang pre-occupied lang talaga sa ibang mga bagay like,um, LIFE itself. Sometimes it's easy to forget reality. O ha! Lalim.
    • Good news: Di na ko masyado inaantok sa klase. Yesss!
    • Ganda ng weather ngayon! Sana ganito na lang lagi.

    Tuesday, June 5, 2007


    After more than a month of good vacation, I'm back in UM for Summer classes. Waking up early is a struggle, staying awake in class is much, much worse. The class is not that bad. If my body clock isn't going bonkers I will probably enjoy it.

    Anyway, UM-Sigaw had a meeting this afternoon. We have full year ahead of us and it's exciting.

    Sunday, June 3, 2007

    Share lang...

    Si Rico Blanco pala ay aking kababayan.
    Bakit ngayon ko lang to nalaman?
    Wahahaha! Na-excite ako.

    Thursday, May 31, 2007


    Harry Potter Theme Park Headed to Fla.
    Thursday May 31 10:53 AM ET

    Universal Studios is opening up a Harry Potter theme park in Florida complete with the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade village.

    "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter," will open in late 2009 in Orlando, officials said Thursday.


    Official concepts courtesy of Mugglenet

    Official Website of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

    Wednesday, May 30, 2007

    Major Issues

    Nung nag-apply ako sa UP dati, walang pagaalinlangan na BC talaga ang gusto ko. Hanggang ngayon, interested pa rin ako sa broadcasting at sa media pero kailangan ko talagang pumili ng bagong course pagdating ko dito. Psychology ang napili ko kasi kahit dati pa naman I find it interesting na. But after two terms and 6 credits of Art History, I found myself getting immersed in Art more than ever. Travelling is part of an Art Historian's job and that attracted me more with the course.

    Gusto ko kumuha ng Psyc dahil bukod sa interesting naman, sobrang practical pa PERO gusto ko rin talaga kumuha ng Art History. Pero syempre naisip ko din na baka mahirapan ako kumuha ng trabaho with Art History. So naisip ko, gusto ko sana i-double major tutal ang dami rin namang electives na kailangan ng Psyc I might as well use it to earn another degree. Kunin ko na lang parehas para wala akong pagsisihan. Ang problema, kung ang Pysc e may Double Honours degree, ang School of Art e wala.


    Nagpunta ako kanina ng university para magtanong kung pwede ko ba kunin ng sabay yung dalawang degree kahit na walang Double Honours Program ang Art History. Sa isip ko naman kasi, baka naman pwede nila i-consider kahit na mahuli ako ng grad sa AH - basta lang makuha ko ng sabay para mas tipid sa oras. Tsaka wala naman silang magiging problema dahil ako lang naman ang maghihirap diba? Ang kailangan ko lang ay permiso nila.

    Nagpunta ako ng U1 office, walang matinong sagot. Pinapunta ako sa Psyc at dun ko daw tanungin dahil di sya sigurado. Pagdating ko sa Psyc dept, ang sabi okay daw sa department kahit anong kunin para sa Double Major pero hindi sya sigurado kung pwede sa School of Art dahil nga walang DH program. Baka daw hindi pwede. Sa School of Art ko daw itanong.

    Bad trip.

    Hindi pa 'to dito natatapos. Kailangan ko pang makausap ang School of Art.

    Tuesday, May 29, 2007

    Miss Japan is Miss U!

    • Riyo Mori of Japan is Miss Universe 2007. Yehey!
    • I still find Miss Korea prettier though. I like her gown. Parang goldfish! Hehe.
    • Ms. Philippines, Teresa Licaros, is Ms. Photogenic. Haha! Suki!


    Rico Blanco is leaving Rivermaya daw. Waaah! Bakit? BAKIT???

    Bakit di na lang Cueshe ang magdisband?

    Naglagay ako ng Counter kahapon dito sa blog. Hehe. Wala lang. Trip.

    Monday, May 28, 2007


    May interview ako kanina sa St. Vital. Ayun. Kahawig ni Jennifer Aniston yung naginterview sa akin. Hindi sya blonde at wala rin syang manly jawline pero parehas sila ng "arrive" ni Aniston. Team Jolie pa naman ako.

    I think, my interview went well pero inisip ko pa rin kung iha-hire ba nila ko o hindi.

    Reasons they would/should hire me:
    • Knowledge in fashion. I'm not exactly La Fashionista but I know things.
    • I know I could get the job done. Yun. Wahaha! Confidence!

    Reasons they will not hire me:

    • I sound busy. I seem busy with all the stuff I said I was doing. Going to school, becoming involved in UM-Sigaw, etc.
    • I think Jennifer look-alike thinks I won't be able to concentrate on the job with all the stuff I do.

    I realized this after the interview. She asked me about school and if I'm studying. She asked me about the org and the activities we have. It sounded like I am too busy with a lot of things. Bleh! Hindi naman totoo. I actually have A LOT of free time (which I spend in front of the computer).

    Yun. Sabi niya the manager will be calling people on Friday. Hay.

    Sunday, May 27, 2007

    All the girls comin' out for a public affair...

    05.24.07 Field
    Yey! UM-Sigaw's first volunteer activity!

    Photo 1: Alvin Tolentino with the girls (me not in picture. hehe!)
    Photo 2: Brent, Alvin and Ate Susan - post-show chat
    Photos courtesy of Sybil

    05.25.07 Mariano-Sangalang Wedding Social
    My cousin is getting married this year.

    Still empty hall.
    If only you could see how it looked like hours after this shot.
    Photo courtesy of Sybil

    Yes, we were out for two nights straight last week and it doesn't end there. Another event is comin' up - Arianne's birthday bash! Yeah!

    Oh! Next week I will be back in school!
    And, yes, I'm excited.

    Monday, May 21, 2007

    Maging Sino Ka Man: JB's Love Letters

    EMO-ness to the nth level but I still find his letters nice. Nyahaha!
    The first one here is actually his last letter to Celine. The second is one of the old letters he sent her which she refused to read.


    My Dear Celine,

    One day I will disappear completely. The letters will mean nothing.

    The world will get tired of me.
    You will get tired of me.
    I will get tired of myself.
    I'm dying but I will never get tired of you.

    For you there will be no endings.
    I will say your name over and over.
    Like a refrain and a prayer to no one.

    Then I'll be a flower. The one you'll never pick.
    And will endure the breathless waiting 'till boundaries disappear.

    With nothing to do I make new constellations.
    Images of you as I remember.
    Dancing, sitting, walking...
    They are stars from a different view.

    But still I see nothing but you.
    Unfurling like a flower.
    Swiveling like a leaf.

    I once watched you sleep beside me.
    It was dark then.
    But the darkness is deeper now.

    Tonight in my dreams I will see you.
    My lady clothed only in light.


    Like a kite I'm giving myself up to the wind.
    I've made friends with the sun.
    Confused the birds with strange and distant voyages.
    But it is you that ties the thread and holds me down.

    Like a kite I will forever hold your hand.
    And with the burning human longing in your hands, I surrender.
    I will never get tired of you.
    For you there will be no endings.

    I will say your name over and over.
    Celine, Celine...
    Like a refrain.
    My prayer to no one.

    You know I will never get far and there is no need for my return.
    Only travellers leave.
    I've never been a traveller for I have never left.
    I am lost simply.

    I wanted to be in a place I have never been and will never be of all destinations.
    I longed to be lost in the fields of your hair.
    Lost among your thoughts as you are already in mine.

    You are my will to live.
    My life started when I loved you,
    and that's how I wanted to end.

    Yours forever,

    Saturday, May 19, 2007

    Another Priestly Moment

    ...but this time, it is all kalandian!

    Kung dati e angas mode ang Priestly Moment ko, ngayon the sosyal side naman. Wahaha!

    Saturday ngayon so nagpunta kami ng simbahan. On the way, kumain ako so uhaw na pagdating ng church. Nagyaya si Itel pumunta ng Delta Hotel para bumili ng tubig.

    Sa di inaasahang pagkakataon, nakita ko yung brand ng mineral water na iniinom ni Miranda Priestly at andun din yung iniinom na brand ni Oprah. *tuwa*

    Dahil malakas ang trip, napagdesisyunan namin ni Itel na bumili. At dahil mas fashionista si Miranda, yung brand nya ang napili ko. Hahaha!


    Ano ba ang lasa ng "sosyal" na mineral water?

    Sabi MADE IN ITALY. Fashionista ang tubig. This should be good!

    Tinitigan ko, binuksan, inom.



    Pero hindi ako nawalan ng pag-asa. Sabi ko gagayahin ko si Miranda, LALAGYAN KO DIN NG LEMON! Wahaha!

    Pagdating dito sa amin, walang lemon. Solusyon: Orange na lang!

    Ayun lagay sa baso, squeeze-squeeze ng orange.



    Lasang Royal Tru Orange.


    Dapat yung kay Oprah na lang e - Perrier sa susunod! Wahaha!

    Edit: Nakainom na pala ako ng San Pellegrino Limonata dati. I love St. John's caf! Wahaha!

    Thursday, May 17, 2007

    Lovely Complex

    Who could thisbe?

    Pinapanood sa amin kanina ni Arianne yung movie na napanood nya recently. Lovely Complex ang title.

    Visually, ang ganda ng pelikulang ito. Ang galing ng prod design dahil sobrang bagay sa kwento at sa feel ng buong movie.

    Story-wise, typical funny, romantic movie pero nakakaaliw. Kung okay sa'yo ang ganun genre, then this is a good movie.

    Naaliw ako at natawa. Tawang-tawa!

    Young and Happy

    Nakita ko sa dati kong blog tapos inedit ko. Natuwa lang ako. Haha. We all look happy here. Kita nyo ngiting-ngiti si Charles. Haha!

    Lalong naging pixelated nung lumiit ang picture. Pasensya na. Ito ay kinuhaan lamang sa yearbook. Hindi scanned. Hehe. Mukha pa rin naman kaming masaya e so ayos lang. Haha!

    Wednesday, May 16, 2007

    Mga Bagay-bagay

    Halalan 2007

    • Nung huli kong tingin sa quickcount, nasa top 10 si Honasan. Yun. Hindi ko kuha yun.
    • Talo na daw si Pacquiao. YEHEY! Hindi ito dahil gusto ko yung kalaban nyang mukhang bata. Maganda lang na malaman ni Pacquiao na dapat e sa boxing na lang sya.
    • Ayokong maging number one senator si Escudero. Ang daming natatalinuhan sa kanya at sa tingin ko naman may utak nga sya. Pero wala talaga akong tiwala sa kanya. Nakikita ko kasi ang matinding ambisyon sa kanya at YUN ang NAKAKATAKOT.


    • Naglinis ako buong araw. Inayos ko ang aking bags.
    • Malapit na mag-$50 ang mga rolls ko. Wahaha!


    • I swear I'm going to sleep early!

    • Get up early!
    • Gagawa na talaga ako ng mga cover letters.
    • Mag-aapply na talaga ako sa trabaho ng matino.

    Right now

    I'm thinking about my future.

    Kanina binabasa ko ang description at requirements ng Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art History. Sobrang interesting. May field trips pa to different galleries outside Canada. Paglabas ko ng kwarto, may mail para sa akin na galing UM.

    Sabi pwede daw akong mag-apply para sa isang degree sa FA dahil nga nakuha ko yung requirements.

    Decisions, decisions...

    Tuesday, May 15, 2007

    Maging Sino Ka Man: Jackie's turn

    Dahil sabi ni Arianne, ang emo daw nung last transcript, hinanap ko talaga yung epi kung saan sinabi ni Jackie ang mga linyang ito. MAS EMO! Wahahaha!

    This is dedicated to you, Arianne. Wahaha!

    Jackie: Parang masaya na si Eli ano?

    Celine: Oo. Parang masaya na talaga sya. Parang hindi nga sya yung Eli na nakilala ko e. Um, ibang-iba na sya. Yung okay na okay. Alam mo, ang galing talaga ng island na to e. Tinatanggal nya talaga yung bad memories mo. T'as pagkagaling mo dito, ibang tao ka na.


    Jackie: Ang galing no? Masaya na si Eli. Masaya na sya kasi, kasi lumayo ako sa kanya. Ang sakit pala talaga, cuz. Yung malaman na, masaya na yung taong minahal mo - na okay na sya. Okay na okay na sya kahit wala ka na.

    Celine: Jackie…

    Jackie: Pero masaya din ako. Masaya din ako.

    Monday, May 14, 2007

    Maging Sino Ka Man: Celine on Searching for Love

    Wahaha! Transcript uli. I really love Celine.

    Celine: Buong buhay natin hanap tayo ng hanap ng magmamahal sa atin, mamahalin natin. Pero pag nandyan na, pag hawak mo na madalas pinababayaan na lang nating makawala. I mean, what is it ba? Is it pride? Fear? Natatakot ba tayong masaktan?

    Eli: Siguro, siguro natatakot tayong masaktan at makasakit.

    Celine: But you know what Eli, ganun naman talaga yun diba? It comes with all the complications. Because wala namang perfect love diba, Eli? Minsan kulang, kung minsan naman sobra. It's never really what we want or what we expect it to be. And so we keep on searching and searching kahit naman na alam natin deep down inside, eto na yun e. Hindi na dapat hayaang makawala pa sa atin yun. Dahil eto na yung hinahanap natin. Ito na yung totoo. Kahit ano pa yang imperfections na yan. Yung love, yung love nyo para sa isa't isa that's what will make everything perfect even if you yourselves are not. But as I said we just let it slip away. Before we know it it's gone. Wala na. Wala na talaga. Sayang dahil pinabayaan pa nating mawala.

    Friday, May 11, 2007

    Baroque Masterworks

    Because cameras are not allowed inside the gallery, I'll share what I experienced this afternoon this way. More coming up!

    Monday, May 7, 2007

    Last Full Show

    It's 1.35 AM and I just finished watching Spiderman 3. Eto isang mabilis lang tungkol sa movie. I have to wake up early(early=around 10 am) and go to UM! Deadline pala ng tuition fee last week hindi ko alam. Well, whatever. Basta tanggapin pa rin nila ko kahit late ang bayad. Haha! Okay, here goes... (WARNING...spoilers ahead)
    • As expected okay ang FX <-- kailangan talaga 'FX' at hindi 'effects'. Haha! Nahirapan ang mata ko na sundan ang fight scenes dahil sa bilis.

    • Ang bilis ng kwento. Not that it's a bad thing - ayos nga e. Bad Spidey (nickname ko yan sa kanya), Venom, and Sandman were 'defeated' by the end of the movie. I was expecting na sa susunod na matalo si Venom pero ayun he was dead - but he could 'rise from the dead' in the next movie if there will be a 4th installment. Ewan. I don't read the comics so I don't know the story.

    • Uhhh? Ganun pala karami ang sand sa city. Sand, as in beach sand, sa city? Oookaayyy.

    • Mega-Spoiler Alert!
      --->Namatay si Harry! Waah! Hindi pwede. Mas gwapo kaya siya kesa kay Peter!<---

    • Tobey is more good looking as the Bad Spidey.

    • Kirsten? Aaah...ayos lang. Magaling siya sumigaw/tumili.

    • Jake Gyllenhaal should have been Spiderman. (At hindi ito para magkasama sila ni Kirsten!)

    Ate Jaq, thanks sa link!

    Thursday, May 3, 2007

    Wednesday, May 2, 2007


    This is UM-Sigaw's first major collaboration with another Filipino group.
    Ticket Prices: $20 regular price, $10 for students
    All proceeds will go to the Philippine Women Center of Manitoba
    Please contact UM-Sigaw if you are interested.

    Where: Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers Studio Theatre
    When: May 24, 2007 at 7.30 PM

    Tuesday, May 1, 2007

    Transparency is the Best Policy

    Waah! Transparent ang Start Panel at Taskbar ko! Ang saya!
    Pink and green naman ang main colors ng VS ko.
    *in love*

    Ang dami ko pang hindi naikukwento:
    1. Birthday ni Tristan
    2. The Forks ng The Cheesecakes

    Friday, April 27, 2007

    Fitting Room Happy

    Lem, Sybil, and I went to PP this morning. Syempre, we had the usual photo session. This time we did it in fitting rooms. Haha! Buti na lang the salespersons were kind and patient. Magkaroon ba naman sila ng mga foreign-speaking, makukulit, at maiingay na customers. Haha! Di ba naman! But yeah, we are successful! We tried numerous clothes on, experimented on various get-ups and took pictures of ourselves.

    Sybil is the Shopping Queen of the Day. Haha! Lahat na ata nabili except for one thing - THE shorts! She fell in love with the get-up she created at Jacob.

    Lem, the Conservative Girl, refused to buy this blue mini-skirt that looks good on her dahil masyado daw maigsi. Haha! I think she bought pants for our upcoming major photoshoot. Wahahaha!

    Ako, torn between the dress and the jacket. Hay. It is so hard to let go. Haha! Charos.

    Ayun, we went home tired but happy. I still don't like PP pero naaliw naman ako ngayon.

    Photo Courtesy of Sybil

    Wednesday, April 25, 2007

    Being-A-Girl Day

    Sybil and I trooped to the salon today and got deep conditioning! I also got a haircut since it has been months since my last one. Blame it on my busy academic life. Bleh.

    Well, anyway, dahil feel na feel namin ni Sybil ang aming new hair, sinulit na namin so we also went to GC! Ayun. I felt bad coz I can't buy this PINK BAG! Waah! Wala na kong excuse. I've used the "gift to myself" excuse a lot of times already! Another bag would make my parents' eyebrows raise. I could almost hear their, "Bag na naman! Ang dami-dami mo nang bag!"

    Well, ganun talaga. They would not be able to understand the insatiable desires of a bag-aholic. Wahaha! Shit. Bag-aholic. Wahaha! What a term! Anyway, I still plan to buy the bag dahil mahal ko na siya but not now. Haha! I just hope it will still be there the next time I go to GC.

    Sybil finally found the shoe that she wanted - pointed flats. She had a hard time choosing between yellow and white. Hehe. Well, I can't blame her. Haha! She ended up buying the white one but I think she will come back for the yellow. :)

    We also went to Walmart to check out some stuff and then visited Arianne at Shoppers. We went home tired but happy. The weather is soooo good today! OMG! Sana ganun na lang habang buhay!

    Okay, I'm sounding like a true-blue kikay here. Haha! Pagbigyan nyo na ko bumabawi ako sa lahat ng pagod ng Winter term at celebration na rin dahil dun sa kwento ko yesterday. :)

    Tuesday, April 24, 2007


    I can't believe it! I'm so happy and SURPRISED I have to share this.

    Waah! Hindi ko talaga 'to iniexpect. Gulat na gulat ako nung nakita ko sa Aurora.

    Kinokontra kita Ate Guy! May HIMALA!!!

    Looking Back

    Naghalungkat ako ng "memory bag" ko kahapon. Nagiging habit ko na ata ang halungkatin ang bag na yun kapag nagkakaroon ako ng bakasyon. Laman ng bag na yun lahat ng personal na gamit ko na galing sa Pilipinas. Andun ang mga sulat na natanggap ko nung umalis ako, pictures na pinadala ni Dan, ilang objects na nabitbit ko, at higit sa lahat ang mga old journals ko.

    Naghalungkat din ako ng pictures galing sa luma kong celphone. Nagbasa din ako ng mga lumang messages - email, friendster messages, text messages.

    Nakakatawa na nakakalungkot. Lahat ng bagay na 'to, dinidisregard ko lang dati pero ngayon, ingat na ingat ako.

    I promised myself na babawi ako ngayon sa mga kaibigan ko na hindi ko masyadong nakausap sa kasagsagan ng pagiging busy ko sa univ. Hay. Ngayon ko talaga na-realize how hard it is to maintain constant communication. This is the hardest part of being away from home. Sad.


    Dahil nga busy ako these past few weeks, ngayon ko lang ito maikukwento.

    Yes! I'm gonna see you! Haha! YOU! --->

    Ikaw ang magiging huling hirit ko sa summer and I know hindi mo kami bibiguin. Haha!

    You're definitely bringing SEXY BACK!

    Saturday, April 21, 2007

    Umpisa na bakasyon! yessss!!!

    Kahapon ang last exam ko. Okay naman. Hindi naman masyadong nanuyo utak ko. Sana nga lang pasado yung mga sagot ko sa prof. Nyahaha! Happy din ako sa nakuha ko sa last paper ko sa kanya.

    Mmm...di ko masyado gusto ang naging resulta ng 2nd sem na 'to pero sige lang. Next time na lang uli magsisipag. Basta ngayon, ieenjoy ko na muna ang bakasyon sa pamamagitan ng paghahanap ng trabaho! Yes, I need a job. Balak ko mag-aral magdrive this May that's why I need to work.
    Sa ngayon, habang wala pang trabaho, pakasarap muna at magrelax-relax. Haha!

    Latest addiction: Gumawa ng avatar!
    Ang dami kong nagawa kahapon!

    Wednesday, April 18, 2007

    The Cheesecakes!

    The Avatar
    Susunod album na.
    Walang kokontra.
    Ang kokontra insecure.

    Thursday, April 12, 2007



    Waves Crashing (Contradiction #1), 2007
    30.1 x 22.7 cm
    Water color on paper

    Wednesday, April 11, 2007

    Happy Birthday, Austine!

    Courtesy of LemHappy Birthday, Stine! I hope we made you happy today. Goodluck sa finals! Labshoo!!! *hug*

    Ayun. Kami ay nagtipon-tipon sa UC katulad ng araw-araw naming ginagawa. At mega kagulo na naman. May cake ding pakulo ang Kuya Tristan at Ate Arianne para kay Birthday Girl Stine. Hehehe.

    Finally, nakita ko na ang "Prince" ni Ate Karen. Hehehe.
    Ate Karen, gwapo nga siya. Kidnapin na natin! Mukha nga siyang kapamilya nila Prince William at Prince Harry.

    Nagpunta din kami sa Starbucks after. Wala lang. Girl bonding. Salamat kay Kuya Tristan sa paghatid. Tristan, santo ka na talaga kahit sabog ka online at lagi mo kong iniinis. Hehe.

    Bukas, aral mode na uli. Natatakot talaga ako sa final exam ko sa English. Pano na lang kung wala talaga akong maisulat na essay? 40% yun!!! Syet, di pwede!!!

    Thursday, April 5, 2007

    Bob Ong Shall Return

    ...this May!

    Wahaha! Naunahan pa niya ang Book 7 ni J.K. Rowling!
    Sa Mayo Uno, lalabas na ang Book 6 ni Bob Ong.


    Nakatitig ang pusang may balahibong maitim pa sa gabi...



    Wednesday, April 4, 2007


    "All I know about music is that not many people ever really hear it. And even then, on the rare occasion when something opens within, and the music enters, what we mainly hear, or hear corroborated, are personal, private, vanishing evocations. But the man who creates the music is hearing something else, is dealing with the roar rising from the void and imposing order, more terrible because it has no words, and triumphant, too, for that same reason."
    Sonny's Blues
    James Baldwin

    OMG, this is the most romantic description of music and of being an artist. Sometimes I really miss this part of my life.

    Friday, March 30, 2007


    Pagbigyan nyo na ang trip ko ngayong linggong ito.
    Gusto ko talaga mag-drawing ngayon! Wahahaha!
    Babae 03.30.07

    Ako at Pinas

    Ginawa ko ngayon. Kakatapos ko lang.
    Ako 'to at ang ilang sa mga bagay na namimiss ko.

    Thursday, March 29, 2007

    Tuesday, March 27, 2007

    Realization #854

    With all the recent happenings in my life it was you who came to my mind and I hate myself for realizing this too, too late.

    You're the one that I need all this time.

    Saturday, March 24, 2007

    Believe me!

    I just finished watching Got2Believe. Syet pang-ilang beses ko na 'to pinapanood. Wahaha! Pero kilig pa rin talaga. I love, love Toni Villacosta and Lorenz Montinola! Grabe. *kilig*

    Me=Toni talaga! Wahaha! Well, except for her "easy" part. Everything else is me. Kaya naman love na love ko ang movie na 'to.

    Okay, baliw na talaga. Ahaha!

    Lesson: If you really want somebody tell her/him before he/she is gone. Pero bago yan, bilis-bilisan mong ma-realize na gusto mo talaga siya dahil if you realized it too late, wala na. Sorry na lang.

    Thursday, March 22, 2007

    Help US!

    Sybil and I are going bonkers. Grabe na 'to.
    With only two hours of sleep, Sybil is creating a "reality show" in her imagination.
    Ako naman tuwang-tuwa. At tawa ng tawa.
    If I can only write the whole story here. Haha!
    We are really mental.
    We are going down the drain.

    Kapag nakita niyo ang kahit sino sa amin na tumatawa mag-isa,
    bring us back to reality by all means.


    Monday, March 19, 2007


    Our Bio prof had a surprise for us. And surprised we are! I wasn't expecting her to bring an actual live example of what we are discussing.

    Yes! A snake! A reptile that is pretty in yellow. :)
    Suddenly, our Bio class is interesting!

    Photos courtesy of Rei

    Sunday, March 18, 2007

    The Atomic Level

    The reason why I won't have boyfriend EVER is because the guy I'm looking for has to be on the ATOMic level. Required na nga ata yun. Hehe.

    And what do I mean by ATOMic level?

    You have to talk like this (Ooops! You have to download the podcast to hear this.)


    Look like this. (Hindi pa ito ang best picture niya.)

    Yun na yun. So hindi na talaga ako magkaka-boyfriend.

    Friday, March 16, 2007

    Maging Sino Ka Man: Celine and JB's goodbye

    Transcript ng pag-uusap ni Celine at JB. Eto yung part na tinapos na nila kung ano man ang nangyari sa kanila noon.
    Adik na talaga ko!!!


    Celine: Kamusta ka na?

    JB: I...I've been better. So many things are happening right now. Honestly, I don't know if I can still handle it. You? How are you?

    Celine: Well, I can say that I'm happy and peaceful. Masaya naman kami ni Bryan.

    JB: That's good. I was suprised that you wanted to meet up. I never expected you to still show concern. I am glad you reached out. You dont know how much this means to me now. Thank you.

    Celine: Nung nabalitaan ko yung tungkol sa RSL, my first instinct was to rush to you. Tanungin kung okay ka lang, kung nakakaya mo ba yung mga problema mo. Aaminin ko sa'yo JB sobrang nag-alala pa rin ako sa'yo pero pinigilan ko yung sarili ko. I don't wanna make a fool out of myself... again. Ayoko magmukhang tanga kasi alam ko at tinanggap ko sa sarili ko na hindi na kita mahal. Pero ganun pa din kinailangan ko pa ring malaman kung okay ka lang kasi kahit kahit sabihin ko man sa isip ko ngayon na hindi na kita mahal, you're still inside of me. I still care for you. I will always care for you, JB.

    JB: I know what I'm suffering. I know it's just karma. Sinaktan kita. And I'm really, really, really sorry, Celine, for all the pain and hurt that I have caused you. I know I can never take those back. No matter what I do I can never, never redeem myself to you.

    Celine: JB, kung hindi mo ko sinaktan nang sobra, kung hindi mo ipinadama sa akin kung gaano kasakit ang magmahal, kung gaano nakakabaliw ang magmahal, I wouldn't be who I am today. You made me stronger, JB. Pinatibay mo yung pagkatao ko. Hindi ko inakala na masasabi ko sa'yo ang mga salitang 'to pero salamat. Maraming salamat, JB, dahil naging bahagi ka ng buhay ko.

    JB: If I can live again, I won't change anything. I'd make it right. I'll make it better. If we can turn back time I would.

    Celine: Lahat ng nangyayari sa buhay natin may dahilan. So, no regrets. No regrets, JB. So I guess this is it.

    JB: What?

    Celine: I guess this is goodbye. Be strong, JB. Alam kong makakaya mo ang lahat.

    Saturday, March 10, 2007

    Attack of the Renaissance Women

    Today is such a busy day for me.


    Sybil, Lem, Arianne, and yours truly explored McDermot Street. We actually went there to visit only the Semai Gallery but ended up exploring the strip of stores.

    It's really a cool street. You can find galleries and art stores on every corner. Boutiques offer stylish (and expensive!) clothes. There's this different atmosphere you won't find in any other street in this city.

    We were joking about being an intellectual and "fitting in" while dining in Mondragon where, we found out, artists, political activists, and other "thinkers" hang out. Incidentally, they serve organic food so we had the chance to try organic burgers and desserts (cheesecake!).

    Osborne now has a competition in our hearts. Pero panalo pa rin ang cheesecakes ng Baked Expectations! Hehe.


    Together with my sister and my mama, I watched Sarah Geronimo's The Other Side of Sarah. She has Mark Buatista, Kris Lawrence, and Jimmy Marquez as guests.

    It was fun, fun, fun. Sarah is so good. Better than the first time I saw her perform live. And surprise, surprise - she can REALLY dance. I like the fact that she (and the people behind her) decided not to be another Regine Velasquez. Though I still think Sarah has yet to develop her own style of singing (since she has this tendency to "copy" the style of the original when she covers songs), I still think she is one of the best singers around. She will be one BIG star someday. (BIG = Sharon Cuneta famous!)

    I love Jimmy! A neophyte in tours but he can really own the crowd. Panalo mga hirit niya! You know, ey. Haha!

    I'm so looking forward to the next concert! Guess who will be here in June?
    It's Ogie Alcasid and Aiai delas Alas!

    Friday, March 9, 2007

    If I could, I would

    If only I could vote I would. Inaabangan ko pa naman ang eleksyon na pwede na akong bumoto kaso hindi ko na naabutan. Wala na ako sa Pilipinas nung pwede na akong bumoto.

    Kaya eto na lang. I made banners for those who CAN vote. Eto na lang magagawa ko para makisali sa eleksyon sa Mayo. You can grab it and put it in your blogs or Friendster profiles.

    Hindi eto yung real sizes. Click on the images to get them.

    BotantengPinoy1 BotantengPinoy2

    BotantengPinoy3 BotantengPinoy4

    Selling Sex in Heaven

    Ang daming pumasok sa isip ko habang pinapanood ito.
    Gusto kong sisihin ang kultura, gusto kong sisihin ang gobyerno, gusto ko sisihin ang mga taong mapagsamantala na nagbebenta ng batang babae sa mga bar, gusto ko sisihin ang mga sexist at racist na mga lalakeng pumupunta sa mga casa...

    Kanina sabi ko kay Austine, hindi ko rin maalis na sisihin ang mga babaeng ibinebenta ang sarili nila dahil sa isip ko, kung gustong humanap ng isang tao ng paraan para mabuhay, makakahanap siya kung magtitiyaga lang siya at hindi kailangang humantong sila sa ganitong propesyon. Nung napanood ko kung ano ang nangyari kay Mila - ibinenta siya ng isang taong pinagkatiwalaan niya sa isang club - naisip ko na may mga pagkakataon talaga na naiipit ang isang tao, ang isang babae, sa isang sitwasyon at wala na siyang magagawang iba kundi ibenta ang sarili niya.

    Maraming mali na dapat itama pero wala na atang pumapansin.

    Ngayong eleksyon, ang dami na namang pangako ng mga pulitiko, dapat ba kaming umasa ng matutupad ang mga iyon, o habang buhay na lang ba kaming manonood sa kung paano niyo pabagsakin ang isa't isa? Kailan ba papansinin ng mga pulitiko ang mamamayang Pilipino?

    Wednesday, March 7, 2007

    Loving Astronomy

    Believe it or not, my favorite book when I was a kid isn't a story book but a book about the universe. I know, I'm not a science person now but then, I was fascinated by it. Science WAS my favorite subject. That book which I really love contains real pictures of the outer space and is recognized by a certain astronomical group which sounds bigtime. These, naturally, fueled my amazement. It's not actually a kid's book but I loved it. My tito bought it here and sent it to me to the Philippines. I was really young then. I could still remember how I tried to understand everything that is written in the book which, of course, contains big words - big, scientific words. I love, love, love that book. It's probably sitting there now at our bookshelf in the Philippines with my Sweet Valley collection.

    I just love astronomy. I may dislike physics which plays a big part on it but I still love the universe and everything in it. I am fascinated by the idea that there is something bigger than the Earth. Weird but I usually imagine (until now) that the universe is a box that is owned by someone bigger and more powerful than us. I picture that "box" placed on a cherry-finished side table. Weird, I know. I also like the possibility of other humans in another planet. That would be really awesome. Haha!

    Naisip ko nga kanina na sana Astronomy na lang kinuha ko instead of Biology. But hey, I have to admit I am quite contented with my Bio class last term. May natutunan ako kahit papano. :)

    Saturday, March 3, 2007

    Happy Birthday, Joyce!

    Just got home from Joyce's handaan. :) Ayun, chill lang kami at the usual kwentuhan the whole time. Ang iingay talaga namin. Palakasan ng boses, grabe. Haha!

    The Birthday Girl
    picture courtesy of Arianne


    This is the most adorable father&daughter. :) Brad looks good carrying a baby. Haha! Gawin daw bang accessory!
    Shiloh looks like Angelina with blonde hair. Look at her lips!
    Pictures from