Friday, May 17, 2013

A Bad Case of Forgetfulness

Georgina Wilson, model and endorser, tweeted this years ago:

Image from Fashion Pulis

However, because everything that you say on Twitter will always haunt you back, it resurfaced and prompted a reply from Jake Ejercito, Erap's son.

He tweeted this:

Ms. Wilson, social media might be a free world but I think it's quite irresponsible to express such an opinion unless you are well-versed with the current situation of the city of Manila and how the present local administration has failed to handle it. Moreover, to call 325,288 ManileƱos, including the 9.4 million Filipinos who voted for him in 2010, "fucking idiots" is harsh and truly uncalled for. Don't hate without knowing the facts.

  This potential feud is due to a bad case of forgetfulness and as Jake said, not knowing the facts. I'm assuming Georgina thought it is dumb to give Joseph Estrada, or Erap, a post in the government because he is a convicted plunderer. He was a corrupt president, the court said. I agree with her. It is only rational that we do not vote for these individuals. I was so close to cheering her on but we have to look at the broader picture here. During the elections she is in, yup, you guessed it. She was in Ilocos. What could she have been doing there? We don't need a degree in Political Studies to know. Her boyfriend is part of the (arguably) most corrupt political family in Philippine history. Now, can Georgina tell us she did not support his family's political attempts in Ilocos this year?

As for Jake, well, he is the son. Of course he would defend his father so I understand that. But we know how his father's presidency ended and we know the state of the Philippines during Erap's time. I think it's time for us to tell him to know the facts. It is not just about Manila and, the former Mayor, Alfredo Lim's performance. It's Joseph Estrada and his track record.

Now is calling these voters "fucking idiots" harsh? Of course it is. It is too crass for my taste. But even then I would not pretend that I understand the rationale of the 325,288 ManileƱos and the 9.4 Filipinos who voted for Joseph Estrada. I just can't.