Sunday, October 23, 2011

Well, This One

I Haven't Got a Prayer
Allie Trimm from Allegiance the Musical

There's a boy who's in my prayers every night when I close my eyes 
I'm surprised when I think of him again 
There's a boy who's secrets he shares, there's a boy who opens his heart 
Who doesn't see the part of me that hopes so helplessly to be the one 
The one, the one in his prayers 
There's a boy who's on my mind 
There's a boy who can lift my whole very soul 
And he smiles at me again 
There's a boy who is handsome and kind 
Every morning I'd love to see him waving back at me 
Just happy that I'm there 

But I haven't got a prayer, I haven't got a prayer 
To fill my heart with happiness with simple joy 
No, I haven't got a prayer, 
I haven't got a prayer for, from, or with this boy