Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Like, How Many Bad News Do You Get in a Day?


I got my final grade in Philosophy. Shet. I can't freakin' understand how I got a lower final mark compared to my classmates when I actually got higher grades compared to, what, 80% of them? What confuses me more is that one person got an A when he/she got way lower marks than me and did not hand in half of the assignments. Even if he/she got a perfect score on the participation factor, getting an A is still mathematically impossible. I JUST DON'T GET IT.

I emailed the prof and I hope he gives me a good answer.

Another thing, my August class started yesterday. HOLYSHIT. The amount of stuff that we have to read for the class and the hours it requires outside of class is effing unbelievable. ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE. In the syllabus it even says that if we think we can't provide the needed time outside of class, we should think about not pushing through with the course. AND YES, I AM THINKING OF IT.


We just learned that our manager will be moved to another store and the Biggest-Bitch-of-them-All is coming back. NO ONE IS STAYING. We seriously can't work with her. Oh man. SERIOUSLY. So everybody is sort-of saying goodbyes already. I'm gonna miss the people. I mean, I'm gonna leave eventually, right? But I was not expecting it to be this way - EVERYONE LEAVING THE STORE. It will be harder to see everyone now.


Right now, I'm seriously considering having a break. Everyone's telling me to just rest and ease up a bit. If I drop my August course, I will have to take 4 courses in the winter, which I hope is OK. I feel burnt out. I, too, think that I need to breathe and relax. It's just that my brain is constantly on a high-speed run and my body can't keep up with it. It's perpetually on the something-needs-to-be-done mode.

With that, I guess, I'll have to drop my class. Whatever. I NEED A TIME-OFF.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Write, ERASE, Re-write

I have been doing this paper for what, 7 hours already? Shit. I'm still not contented. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or it's just me being a perfectionist. Either way, I think I need to rest coz ohmygahd I can't think straight anymore. Plus I'm so immersed in my paper I can't detect the errors now.

By the way, apparently he's back.
Tangina bumalik lang yung pagka-irita ko.
Naiinis ako lalo kasi mas naiinis yung barkada sa kanya ngayon.

Me, Dan, Louie, Ivan and Patricia were all online yesterday. OMG. I miss them sooo much. Ganon pa rin. Even if we haven't seen each other in years, the same kulitan and biruan pa rin. Saya!

Monday, July 20, 2009


In this case it is songS of the moment. I have too many songs in my head.

  • Nobody (Wonder Girls) - Thanks to my friends and my sister. I can't get it out of my head. I hear this song EVERY FREAKING DAY. And the dance steps too I already know. I can dance it now. LOL
  • Good Girls Go Bad (Cobra Starship) - I have this on repeat. Repeat, repeat, repeat. I LOVE IT. And I also think Leighton Meester is oh-so-pretty. (I searched online for the headbands she uses on the show. SHEEEET. I want one! It's the same brand as Anne Curtis' much publicized P30,000 one. And I just saw KC Concepcion on TV wearing the same design as Blair's in one episode of GG.)
  • Use Somebody (Kings of Leon) - The line "You know that I could use somebody. Someone like you and all you know and how you speak..." THAT LINE IS FOR YOU. YOU, Mister! Hahaha!
  • Paparazzi (Lady GaGa) - Actually, ALL HER SONGS. She's weird but I love her. My manager bought her CD and we have her on repeat at the store. We only have two artists on repeat. The other one is Leona Lewis. Ahhh LOVE. It makes working more fun not that it's not fun already. Haha! When there are no customers, we have blaring music! HAHA just don't tell head office. (BTW, I searched Lady GaGa on Wikipedia and WTF, she's only 23???)
  • Dreaming With A Broken Heart (John Mayer) - This is old. Probably 3 years old but it's ONE GOOD SONG. OMG. Vocals is good too. Now it's playing in my head... I first heard this on SYTYCD (Kerrington and Twitch...I hope I got the names right) and just recently, my sister downloaded it so we have it playing here all the time. Haha. Not complaining though. It's really one helluva song.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Goodbye, Spectacles!

I had my first eye check-up in 3 years this morning. LOL. I never thought that my right eye is so messed up until now. My left eye is pretty good though.

The doctor said that because of my eye condition, I wouldn't need glasses now and probably until 20 years after. This is because my eyes would cope with the difference, meaning left eye for the far objects and right eye for the near ones.

So yeah, he told me that glasses are not necessary for me. I'm happy to hear that coz I never really liked wearing them. I wasn't comfortable and I never got used to them considering that I got my first one 10 years ago.

So yeah, my sister is interested in the medical world. She wants to be doctor and was considering optometry as well as loads of other fields. LOL. We asked our doctor and found out that the UofM doesn't offer Optometry. So if ever my sister wants to take it, she has to move to Ontario and study in Waterloo. Hmmm...

Friday, July 17, 2009

If it weren't for McLaggen...

Watched Half Blood Prince with my sister. We watched the 6.30 show. The cinema was full. Shet. Good thing we still found a good spot. Before we went in we bought preztels. Ay grabe yung pretzel girl, SOBRANG BAGAL. Slow motion, man. 10 years bago namin nakuha yung order namin. Leche eh. Di naman kami nadala kasi after the movie, we came back to buy TCBY naman. Hay shet. Good thing there were two more people helping out so it was faster.

As for the movie itself, I DIDN'T LIKE IT!!! It's the worst so far. First of all, it's too damn long (the movie ended at 9.15). It would've been fine if it's good (like the Dark Knight) but there are LOTS of unnecessary scenes and the supposedly exciting part was just 20-30 mins long. And the execution is DRY and BORING at that. It's kinda disappointing because the Half-Blood Prince, I think, is the most emotionally-intense of the seven books. It's supposed to focus more on Snape pero WALA. Hay nako. And I remember myself being so kilig with Harry and Ginny but in the movie it was, blah. No kilig at all.

But before I forget, may EYE CANDY sa movie and if I were Hermione, I'd go for this guy instead of Ron. Hahahahaha! Cormac McLaggen! <3>

Well, anyway, I'M SOOOOO HAPPYYYY!!! I got my midterm grade back. I got a freakinggg A. A talaga ha. Not sabit-A. It's FULL ON A. Shet. HAHAHAHAHA. Konti na nga lang, A+ na eh. But whatevs. I'm soooo happy. Worth it ang pag-aaral at pagpupuyat.

Final na, this is the BEST WEEK so far. So many crazy things, so many fun things... LOVES ITTT!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good Girls Go Baaaddd!!!

We did something outrageous and kuh-razzzyyy this afternoon.
We are a bunch of unbelievable girls.
It's was FUN. Fun, fun day!
Actually, this week is a bit crazy. Life, LOVE IT!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dream of Me, Love Edward

I went to my brother's room to borrow his Iphone charger so I could charge my Ipod and lo and behold I saw my old notebook on his bedside. I don't know how it got there. The notebook is like 5 years old. It had it when I was still in Diliman. HAHAHA. So yeah, it triggered a let's-walk-down-memory-lane mood. I climbed up a chair and reached for my big, old, black bag hidden beneath tons of other bags to get my journals.

It was sooooo fun to read old stuff. Shet. HAHAHA.

I read that I chatted with one badminton athelete a couple of times before. I totally forgot about this. HAHAHA. I was looking for a picture of him on the web but I only found this. LOL. He's one of the Cosmo Bachelors in 2007!

One of my entries describe I dream that I had October 2004.

My entry went this way:

I was coming out of a forest. I was on a Jeep (Jeep talaga not the Pinoy public transpo) then I was racing with this leopard. Nag-short cut daw tapos bigla na lang, the animal was on the Jeep na. It became human. A blond, super goodlooking guy. His eyes are grey and dead but beautiful. As we reach the main road, he was preparing to jump out of the vehicle. I looked at him and then kissed him. His lips was cold. Icy cold. It's as if he never loved before and his eyes have no emotion. He jumped out but then he ran back and and knelt down and said, "If you think I didn't feel that, then you're wrong". I kissed him again and then he ran. It shifted to another location then I said to him, "Please just become human".

At the end of the dream, he didn't become fully human but we were together.

As I was reading, I was thinking this is FAMILIAR.

And then I realized, shet... EDWARD CULLEN! HAHAHAHAHA and the dream was 5 years ago - a year before Twilight was even published.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Let's Waste Time Chasing Cars

So after my exam we went to BDI then hanged out at Lem's house for a bit. Then we drove to my place. We thought the day's gonna be over but no. HAHAHA.

On our way there was car beside us. The driver looked at us. Twice I think that's why I saw his face. I know his name - long story why so I won't say na. So I told my friends na "oh it's ____" and then my friends na makakapal ang mukha at malakas mang-trip, they waved. And waved. And waved. HAHAHAHA shet. We were turning left so nasa left lane kami. When we looked, he changed lane so he was behind us na. Then I told Keith not to go to my house kasi he could be following us. AND HE WAS FOLLOWING US. HAHAHAHAHA. We turned to obscure streets and he followed. So we had no choice but to go back. He followed us pa rin. Keith made an unexpected U-turn, he wasn't able to follow...he gave us the finger.

We were laughing so hard during the entire chase. IT WAS FUNNY. It's really fun to make fun of people and then papatulan ka nila. It's fun when people are pikon. He could've just, you know, gave us the finger then drive off BUT NO HE FOLLOWED US. HE CHASED US.

Ahhh fun times.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mainit ang Ulo

I'm tired. Leche yan. I still have to study and I'm tired already. I still have 6 essays to read. F*ck.

So mainit ang ulo ko all day. Just give me one thing or tell me one thing annoying and it will set me off. Even the tiniest thing irritates me now. I was bitching all day. Actually, until now.

This morning, I went to the dentist and had my tooth filled in. Then we went to the park coz it was my mom's and brother's birthday. I stayed inside the van for the most part to study but I actually just slept coz I was tired na nga. I slept at 3am and then woke up early for the dentist appointment so I was SLEEPY.

I want coffee now. I should've gone to Starbucks. Hayyyy...

Now I realized, I want a vacation, a break. Just relax and not think about anything else. Hay. But I can't afford a rest. I have to go, go, go and make the most of my time so I can graduate and then study again. It's so sad to think na next year pa ko makakatikim ng bakasyon. :(

F*ck it. 'Kay I'm gonna read again.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm not panicking. No, I'm not.

Shet. I can't answer question #2 of this effin' assignment. I don't where to find the answer! Leche.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dangerous People Shouldn't Be Together

I feel like BLAH.

I'm guessing this is because of stupid hormones. I feel tired. I'm sensitive. Blaaaahhh!!! I'm supposed to study but I can't make my hand reach for my book. I just don't feel like studying. I should though 'cause I have an assignment due on Monday. Fuck.

Okay, this might be due to hormones and might retract this later on but I have been thinking of staying out of trouble. It just hit me one day. I think I already have an idea of who would cause my precious "downfall". It's not that I like him now BUT he has the capacity to bring it, to push me off the cliff of sanity and rationality to the hells of falling crazily in love. Ohgahd. I can't believe I even typed that. SO I MUST AVOID HIM. He will be dangerous to me...

...fuck. Fine. I can't avoid him, you know. But I should take it easy. Sabi nga ni Alvir, CONTROL! Hahahahaha!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Productivity at 70%

Sooo...I GOT THE JOB! Nyahahahaha!

I got the email yesterday. Was so freaking happy! I was smiling throughout my entire trip to work. This afternoon I went to Ms. Lall's office to discuss the details and have my courses approved for the 09-10 schoolyear. I don't start 'til October which is fine. I can use the time to search for an advisor. I'm pretty late now. Ah shit. I should've signed up early this year. But WHATEVER.

I did a lot today actually.
  • I studied!
  • I had my courses approved
  • I met up with Ms. Lall
  • I had a program check (YEY! I actually need just 2 more electives. Not 3.)
  • I declared my intent to graduate (HELL YEAH!)
  • Played FRISBEE! (Been playing everyday!)

And it's still early so I can still work on something. These past few days are pretty productive for me. It feels great! I don't how to explain it but now I can say I have more direction and control. I'm not wasting a lot of time and I actually accomplish things. Feels like my old self. My old, organized self.

I can't wait to buy a new planner! I used to be a Planner Girl but last school year, I didn't use one. I don't remember why. Maybe I grew tired of it or I was just too "busy". HAHA. This year I'm definitely back to being a Planner Girl. I so need organization.

I'm anxious the whole day. Well at least, that's how I label it. It's just that my heartbeat is fast. I don't know if it's the caffeine (I drank coffee. VENTI. After not drinking for a while), hormones, or just exhaustion (Philosophy is tiring ya know!). Hayyy.

Things feel different now. I'm not sure why. Different-Better not Different-Bad. I don't know.


Sometimes people annoy you even if they're not doing anything to you. Perhaps they don't even know that you exist but you just LOVE to hate them. You know it's mean but you can't help it. There's just something with the person that makes you loathe him/her.

There's this guy who takes the same bus as me. I HATE HIM. I DON'T LIKE HIM. I can't even look at his face because I'm freakin' disgusted. No, there's nothing wrong with him ha. He's perfectly normal so you can't accuse me of being mean to differently abled people. There's just something in him that I don't like. His face maybe. Argh. I don't know. I just don't like him. He has Craterface*'s aura. (Speaking of Craterface, we now know his real name thanks to Patrick)But honestly, I hate him more than Craterface. Ewannn. I saw him at the bus stop earlier and thought of not taking the same bus 'cause I don't wanna be around him. Shit. I'm so mean. But I took the bus anyway 'cause travel time is shorter with it.

Grabe. Ang sama-sama ko. I'm burning in hell. HAHAHA.
*He is one annoying hell of a being. His hobbies include flexing his muscles, checking himself out, and displaying his body in public. He doesn't have a home and can be found either in the university or in the mall. His favorite color is white and wears only white shirts.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Day! :D

Went to the Osborne Fest with my sister and Lem. Lotsa people!!! Oh my gahd. But the trip is totally worth it. Super saya and super daming SALE. And most of all, NO TAX, man. No GSTs and PSTs!!! Hurray! We went there late in the afternoon. We should've went there early though para nasulit namin. NEXT YEAR, shit. I will be there at 10! Hahahaha! I also saw Jeff who shaved Michael Jackson's image on his hair. Uber cool.

So we went home around 5.30 then went to play frisbee at around 7. It's a tiring day but it's not over yet. Fireworks later! :D

Tomorrow will be the start of another month of schooling. Hayyyyy...