Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This over everything else

I'm still waiting for the email. Gahd. Kahit wag na kaming mag-usap kahit kelan ni GC. Or kahit wag ko nang makilala si Centrum. Kahit i-give up ko yung isa kong job. Kahit mapuyat pa ko lagi. Kahit di na ko maka-hangout ng madalas. Makuha ko lang to...!!!

YES. This over everything else.

I don't care. Whatever. I WANT THIS FREAKING JOB.

Napaisip tuloy ako. Shet. I'm really willing to sacrifice a lot for career advancement. Can you blame me?

Ummm...is this bad?

Ay nako. WHATEVER. I want it sooo bad. I really don't care.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Acads Makes Me Happy :D

Have you ever had a dream/plan then gave up on it 'cause you thought it would be impossible? Well, that's what working-on-a-psychological-study-while-still-studying is for me. But lo and behold, an opportunity knocks on my door just before my last year as an undergraduate.

I went to my undergrad advisor 'cause I received a letter from the Faculty of Arts saying that my account is on hold 'cause I didn't get my courses approved before registering them. So yeah, I spent almost two hours going back and forth between Chancellors (where the Psyc undergrad advisor's office is relocated since Duff is not yet open eversince it caught on fire)and Fletcher. I asked the advisor a couple of questions about the thesis and the classes that I'm taking then suddenly she asked me if I'll be interested in the study she's working on. She said I look like a keener. Hahaha! And then she looked at the grades on my HF. She discussed the terms and all that. She mentioned the name of the professor doing the study but I was so elated I forgot it. HAHAHA.

But, OMG, I'm soooo happy. This could be what I've been waiting for. I've wanted this eversince I started this whole psychology thing. And not everyone was given the chance to do something like this. THIS IS SOMETHING BIG!

It will be REALLY, REALLY great for me that's why I'm praying that I get it. I mean, it was offered to me but, really, it's not mine until it's MINE.

I pray to God. :)


Another thing why I'm sooo happy is that I got an A!!!!
YEAHHH!!! Shet. Skipping the Ex is sooo worth it.
Nakuha ko din. Akala ko di ko na makukuha eh. I was cramming talaga. Good thing that I chose to study instead of going to the Ex.

Sobrang, shit, HAPPINESS!!!