Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I like new beginnings.

Today is symbolic. The homeland is starting anew and I want to do the same.  I won't make any promises but today is the right time for change.

Let's face a new morning tomorrow.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Day Blues

Tomorrow is going to be my first day at work. Saying that I'm nervous is an understatement. I'm scared, super scared. I don't know what to expect mainly because I have no idea what is going to happen. The woman who called me just told me to come in on Monday. Didn't tell me what time exactly and I also forgot to ask so I'm just gonna come there before 9 and then let's see.

This is nerve-racking. I don't even know what I should wear. That's how clueless I am. The thing is my sense of style does not match office fashion. My idea of business casual is 80% casual, 20% business. Office wear for me is what you wear if you work in a magazine publishing company. I hate slacks. I hate the fabric office wear usually are made of. I went to clothing stores selling office clothes and I didn't really find anything interesting. No pretty patterns, they have lots of colors, and the fabric is not my type. I'm hoping that they are not super strict with dress code so I can still dress up as myself. I hope. Another thing, I don't even know is the office hour. I sure hope it starts at 9 because I'm used to that schedule now. 9-5 is pretty reasonable. Also, I wonder if training will start immediately tomorrow. I really have no idea. I guess we'll see.

I need all the prayers. As you can see, I am really lost.

But you know, amidst these confused, scared feelings, I feel so blessed. I can't believe that only a few days after convocation, I will be able to secure a job like this. I still can't believe it. It hasn't sunk in. I even asked what did I do to deserve this kind of job? It's 100x of what I expected and 10x of what I wanted. I told myself that there is no way that I will have a sales related job after grad and that I will do my best to have a job that is somewhat related to what I have studied for in university. I was only looking for a part-time job. I wasn't really aiming super high. Just something psyc-related or even just research-related was enough. But this job appeared. I promised myself that I will try to be the best - learn everything, focus on the important things, and give my best effort. This was given to me so I have to deserve it. I have to show everyone that I am worthy of the trust they gave me.

Pray, pray, pray! I'm gonna rock it tomorrow!

University life tag will rest for now at least and I'm gonna open a new one, Working Girl so I can blog about work and stuff.

Friday, June 11, 2010


And so, after about a month of looking for a job...


I feel so blessed! :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Graduand to Graduate

I practically had no sleep, had swollen eyes (I watched Hachiko last night. Super tear jerker! I think I used up my supply of Kleenex.) and an aching head. I was trying in vain to be cheery and merry this morning. Miraculously, everything went well even though my head felt like exploding and my temper was closely reaching it's boiling point.
As expected, the ceremony was long. There were no snooze-worthy speeches. It's just that there were so many of us. I was called within the first hour of the ceremony (I was graduand #37) so it was kind of boring waiting for everyone but got through that by reading the convocation booklet and texting. LOL There were a few cheesy moments but they were forgivable. I for one, also can't help but be proud of all of us especially of my other honours classmates who went through A LOT in our final year. It was great to see everyone happy.

Family members were all super hungry after the ceremony so heavy lunch was required. All of us ate steak. Hurray to cholesterol!

I don't know what I feel right now. It still doesn't feel like I have graduated. I just have a piece of paper bearing my name and degree. Overall, it was a fun but tiring day. Yes, it was exhausting even though we practically did nothing but sit, walk 20 steps to the stage and back, and sit, sit sit. Lack of sleep is not a good thing.

So yeah, here I am. A graduate with an honours degree. Hello, Unemployment!