Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Coz I don't have anything to do or say

The supposed-to-be Centennial Graduate

I was supposed to graduate this year. Centennial grad dapat ako sa Diliman. I've seen pictures of my ex-blockmates and other UP friends and I'm really happy to see them donning the sablay, wearing their white dresses/barongs, and flashing their prettiest smiles. A number also graduated with honors.

I thought I will feel a tinge of jealousy and/or sadness but I was surprised that all I felt was happiness for them. Siguro nga, I'm already okay. When I remember UP, I don't think about how much I wanted to be there anymore. Instead, lessons that I learned comes to mind. I don't question why I am here anymore.



Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Destiny has good jokes and I can't help but laugh.


Wrong timing ang sakit ko ngayon. Naman! Ngayon pa talaga na ang dami kong planong gawin. So wala akong choice ngayon kung hindi magpahinga. Pati boses ko, nagbabantang mawala. Konti na lang talaga di na ko makakasalita. Grabe lang.

So right now, I'm stuck in my blue room doing practically nothing.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Finished my last exam this morning!


I'm still here though. I'm currently waiting for Arianne and Lem. Super idle time at the computer lab! Haha!

Exam is okay though I'm sure I incorrectly identified a frieze and a sarcophagus in Part I and totally just wrote whatever on the section about ceramics (which is super boring, by the way). Surprisingly, I enjoyed answering Part 3, the long answer section. I chose questions #2, which is about triumphal arches, and #3, about imperial portraits.

Hope my prof will be lenient. Ha-ha! While reviewing for that exam, I realized I shouldn't have skipped a lot of classes on that course. (Prof sees me at u-coll almost everytime I skip because that's where her office is. Really bad! But I stopped only when I realized she actually knows me by name. Nahiya rin ako.) It is easier to remember the art when I've already seen it in class. Well, LESSON LEARNED.

I don't know if I can still take another art class. Hopefully I can but I might take more Psyc courses next year so I'm not sure. Work in psychology is beginning to get heavier and heavier. I'm learning to accept the fact that I cannot avoid Science and Math anymore. Ha-ha. 3rd year means more of these two.

Why am I still talking about school, you ask? I'm still in the withdrawal period. I still feel that there are things that should be done even if there are none. Hindi ako mapakali. Grabe. Is this weird?

Monday, April 21, 2008

After a few hours...




I should do something on the 25th to celebrate TEMPORARY FREEDOM:
1) BDI trip or...
2) Watch Forbidden Kingdom

I'm still thinking. Yes, this is what I'm thinking about right now.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Thanks ah!

Tip #1 Make your goal public.

Coz that way, you'll be pushed to REALLY do it. That's social psychology at work, baby! Hahaha!
I'm excited!
Can't wait to write my final exam so I can officially start

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On the Rice

News about the rice shortage is everywhere! I don't know what the real situation is but TV Patrol makes it seem everyone is in a panic. The big issue in the Philippines is now RICE. Suddenly everyone forgot the ZTE scandal. Rice took the spotlight away from Jun Lozada. I can see someone named Mike smiling from ear to ear. Hehe!

Anyway, for someone like me who doesn't know much about the agricultural society and the rice industry, it is surprising to know that we are actually that short on our rice supply and that the country has been depending on imported rice for years and years now. I thought the Philippines is an agricultural country. The image we've always had about us Pinoys is that we have ricefields and we plant rice. We have rice for every meal. One of our greatest landmarks is the rice terraces. Rice, rice, rice. Yaddah, yaddah. The reality, apparently, is the local industry is dying. The rice Pinoy's eat is not Pinoy rice. Our farmers decreasing, farm lands are being converted to anything but for agricultural use, and funds going to, ehem, importing rice (with "little" sums going to someone else's pocket!). I think we produce more workers to send abroad than sacks of rice.

Ny idol, Randy David, wrote this article about the rice shortage. Hehe. Very enlightening. Kaya ko to idol e. Haha! He pointed out that the government chose to import rice instead of helping the local farmers meet the needs of Pinoys. Kasi nga naman daw, cheaper and, ehem, pwedeng maka-kickback! Sabi ni idol Randy, the government (not just this government but also the ones that came before this) did not and does not encourage agriculture in the country. Instead, they push people to work abroad. They let the economy depend on the remittances of the Filipinos working on foreign soil. Napaisip tuloy ako. Is labour the number one product exported by the Philippines? Wow. Grabe. Hindi ba napaka-unstable nito? Pano kaya to in the long run? Magiging official national symbol na ba talaga ang Balikbayan Box?

This issue is so hot right now. Pati hoarding ng rice uso na daw. Tsk. I wonder how will the government solve this problem. Surely they can't just give away NFA rice forever. They have to solve the problem and make sure the shortage will not happen again. They HAVE to, yes, but the crucial question is will they choose the right course of action? That remains to be seen.

I'm back because...

School is over. Ermm...almost. I still have one exam to write on the 25th but who cares, I have idle time now. Haha!

It has a been a long, long time since the last entry. I did not stop from writing though. I just kept my entries somewhere in my hard drive. No plans on putting them here, that will be tedious and time consuming. Hahaha! Excuses.

To fill the gap, let's just say that a LOT have happened.

  • School still taking most of my time. Grabe, nakakastress ang statistics. Exam 2 was horrible!
  • Met a lot of new people.
  • Ano pa ba??? Hahaha! Ayoko na hahaba pa to e.

Anyway, summer will be VERY busy. No complains here! I am actually excited about the next four months.

I have a confession, DON'T TELL ANYBODY:

I actually miss waking up to go to school.