Monday, November 30, 2009


I barely slept. Less than 3 hours maybe of "sleep" and here I am finishing my thesis proposal that should have been done, submitted and checked days ago. Mind you, I still have another paper to write and I still have to study for one exam. ALL THIS WEEK.

Can you say screwed?

Anyway, I'm still here in school. There's no way I can finish this at home so I'm here. Wish me luck. I badly need it.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


It's near the end but before I get there, I must finish these:
  • My thesis manuscript
  • Anthro paper, 8-10 pages
  • Soc Influence presentation, 30 minutes
  • Soc Cognition exam
  • Anthro exam
  • Soc Influence paper, 15-20 pages
So farrrrr, I'm not yet done with any of these. Shit talaga. I'm working on it but I'm so stressed already. I feel like crying.

I am bothered too by the Maguindanao massacre. I'm refusing to read about it until I'm done with all I listed above. I know a few bits about it and I'm already so disturbed. I can't take especially what they did to the women. My heart bleeds for the journalists too.

F*** it. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE HOMELAND? A number of typhoons, Pacquiao's win, Penaflorida's win, then this. Lagi na lang may pang-headline. My sister said that for every good, there is a bad thing happening and it goes the other way around too.

Typhoons -> Everyone came out to help.
Pacquiao's win -> His philandering ways came out.
Penaflorida's win -> Politicians suddenly becoming interested in him. (UTANG NA LOOB, EFREN, wag na wag kang kakabit sa kahit sino sa kanila. PLEASE! Just continue with what you're doing.)
Maguindanao massacre -> I don't know what will come after this but I sure hope that somebody will pay for this REALLY SOON. No to decades-long trials. Utang na loob, Philippine Justice System. For once, WORK!!!

The world is such a mess.

Oh shit. That sounds so emo. Hay nakooo. I just want this term to be over so I can start a new one. I'm just tired that's all and I don't feel like working/studying. With a lot of things happening around me, I feel like those are the last things I have to do right now. There's so much more but I can't do anything but work and study 'cause that's what I'm supposed to do.

As for personal stuff, HKs have been hanging out recently despite the busy schedules. I love talking to those girls!!! I LOVE HKs MORE THAN ANYONE IN THIS WORLD! No other group understands me better. Call us WEIRD and ABNORMAL. We are like that *bow*. Socorro and I were chatting last night, asking me The Buzz-worthy questions while I was doing the same to Ligaya via Plurk. We slept early as in early in the morning. LOL What eeeelse? A LOT OF THINGS ARE HAPPENING. Holy shit. Let's leave it at that, I guess. But yeah, things are unfolding - good and bad things.

Anywayyy... have to go now. Laterz!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

500 Days of sumMEr

McKenzie: [drunk] So do you have a boyfriend?

Summer: No.

McKenzie: Why not?

Summer: Because I don’t want one.

McKenzie: Come on; I don’t believe that.

Summer: You don’t believe that a woman could enjoy being free and independent?

McKenzie: Are you a lesbian?

Summer: [laughing] No I’m not a lesbian. I just, don’t feel comfortable being anyone’s girlfriend. I don’t actually feel comfortable being anyone’s anything.

McKenzie: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Summer: Really?

McKenzie: Nope.

Summer: Ok, let me break it down for you–

McKenzie: Break it down!

Summer: Ok. I, like being on my own. I think relationships are messy and people’s feelings get hurt. Who needs it? We’re young, we live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world; might as well have fun while we can and, save the serious stuff for later.

McKenzie: You’re a dude. [to Tom] She’s a dude!

Tom: Ok but wait–wait. What happens, if you fall in love?

[she scoffs]

Tom: What?

Summer: You don’t believe that, do you?

Tom: It’s love, it’s not Santa Claus.


And Pacquiao won.

First time ko manood uli ng laban ni Pacquiao. Sabi ko nga sa kanila, wag na sila magtaka kung matalo dahil na-jinx ko. HAHAHA! Pero dahil sobrang galing ni Pacman, hindi sya naapektuhan ng pagkamalas ko at nanalo pa rin sya.

Ang gulo-gulo namin juskopo.

- Sigawan tuwing matutumba si Cotto
- Sigawan tuwing makakasuntok si Pacquiao
- Sigawan tuwing mangyayakap si Cotto
- Sigawan ng mga panlalait
- Sigawan nang ipakita ang batukling na anak ni Cotto at ang mukhang retokadang asawa
- Paggaya ni Keith kay Aling Dionesia

Joke namin kagabi, laging mas gwapo yung mga kalaban ni Pacquiao pero at the end of the fight mas gwapo na si Pacman. Motivation nya ata yon! LOL

Salamat sa lahat ng pumunta (Daph, Alvir, Mavic, Keith, Marylin, Raoul, Yves, Tonton, Tristan) at sa mga nagyayang hindi pumunta (ehem, Paul at Jack). Hanggang sa susunod uli na laban! YAY!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hey Self, why are you smiling?

Okay. I HAVE A PERMANENT SMILE ON MY FACE TODAY. Well, okay, semi-permanent. The heck. What's to be happy about? Or I guess the correct question is, "What's wrong?" LOL

All I can say is, today I CAN FINALLY SEE IT. I SEE IT. I'm not blind anymore. And now I understand.


Edit: Tangenang mga litrato. Naka-smile lang ako ngayon dahil sa mga yan.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Brilliant! Just brilliant!

How do you get people to use the stairs instead of the escalator?

How do you get people to throw their garbage inside the bin?

Honesty Kills!

Okay. I'm laughing at myself right now for various reasons. I can't pinpoint what EXACTLY is the source of this entertainment so let's just say there are lots of reasons nga. HAHAHAHAHA Tangena. Minsan magulo talaga ako.

Okay. Fine. Madalas magulo ako. Ohmygahd I'm going crazy already. What am I even saying here? HAHAHA

I want to organize my thoughts BUT I'm afraid that if I do it will be tangible. Okay, not tangible-tangible 'cause, yeah, online = not tangible. What I mean is it will make it so real. You know putting thoughts into words can be compared to putting water in the fridge. Like H2O, it will expand and solidify. TANGIBLE. REAL. UNDENIABLE... and CONSISTENT. (This is what you learn in psychology, yo!) And that's not something that I want right now. I just want thoughts to flow and drift away.

HAHAHAHAHA What the eff?!?! I sound so serious.

Crap. I need to sleep through this.


And Cristina Yang, YOU ARE SO ME AND I AM SO YOU. We rock! We totally rock!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just a shot, please?

Whatever aspect of life may that be, I just I hate it when I can't give a shot at something because I'm technically not allowed to, when circumstances prevent me.

ARGHHHH. Hate it! Destiny, please??? Just a chance. I promise I won't screw it up. I promise I won't waste it. Just let me!!!

Please, please! Pretty please!

Monday, November 2, 2009


I can stare at you all day, everyday. Like... REALLY STARE AT YOU 24/7 and never get tired of your face. Ohmygahd.