Friday, May 17, 2013

A Bad Case of Forgetfulness

Georgina Wilson, model and endorser, tweeted this years ago:

Image from Fashion Pulis

However, because everything that you say on Twitter will always haunt you back, it resurfaced and prompted a reply from Jake Ejercito, Erap's son.

He tweeted this:

Ms. Wilson, social media might be a free world but I think it's quite irresponsible to express such an opinion unless you are well-versed with the current situation of the city of Manila and how the present local administration has failed to handle it. Moreover, to call 325,288 ManileƱos, including the 9.4 million Filipinos who voted for him in 2010, "fucking idiots" is harsh and truly uncalled for. Don't hate without knowing the facts.

  This potential feud is due to a bad case of forgetfulness and as Jake said, not knowing the facts. I'm assuming Georgina thought it is dumb to give Joseph Estrada, or Erap, a post in the government because he is a convicted plunderer. He was a corrupt president, the court said. I agree with her. It is only rational that we do not vote for these individuals. I was so close to cheering her on but we have to look at the broader picture here. During the elections she is in, yup, you guessed it. She was in Ilocos. What could she have been doing there? We don't need a degree in Political Studies to know. Her boyfriend is part of the (arguably) most corrupt political family in Philippine history. Now, can Georgina tell us she did not support his family's political attempts in Ilocos this year?

As for Jake, well, he is the son. Of course he would defend his father so I understand that. But we know how his father's presidency ended and we know the state of the Philippines during Erap's time. I think it's time for us to tell him to know the facts. It is not just about Manila and, the former Mayor, Alfredo Lim's performance. It's Joseph Estrada and his track record.

Now is calling these voters "fucking idiots" harsh? Of course it is. It is too crass for my taste. But even then I would not pretend that I understand the rationale of the 325,288 ManileƱos and the 9.4 Filipinos who voted for Joseph Estrada. I just can't. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013




From @atomaraullo


Friday, April 26, 2013

Play School

One of the shows that I religiously watched as a kid is a show with adults teaching kids make crafts and sing songs. In my head I can see what it looks like. I knew it was done in a pastel-colored studio with cardboard and stuff. And I remember the adults having British accent. For the longest time, I was thinking of what it's called but I wasn't able to remember.

Fast forward to more recent times...

When I first heard of Soft Kitty from the show Big Bang Theory, I thought it sounded REALLY familiar but I can't figure out why. Today, just because of randomly browsing the internet, I ended up reading that Soft Kitty is originally called Warm Kitty and it was sung in a show called Play School.

Yes, it's the show that I used to watch when I was a kid! OMG! Nostalgic! I even remember the words to the intro song.

There's a bear in there and a chair as well. There are people with games and stories to tell. Come inside, open wide, it's PLAY SCHOOL!

I remember the windows where we peek in to watch videos and guessing which window the video will show. haha

And the rocket that always has something behind it.

The toys!

And of course the Bananas in Pajamas and the Teddies!

Some of the props are now part of the National Museum of Australia. Really cool!!! Now, let me watch some full episodes. Thank goodness for Youtube!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect

I LOVE baking. As a child who grew up with a nonworking (Not even sure if it's not really working or just no one wants to use it) oven, I delighted myself in watching Food Network. My favourite being Jacques Torres.

I started baking when we moved here to Canada. At first using mixes.

Then afterwards, I got enough confidence to make something from scratch. I don't even remember the first thing I made.

My baking is not perfect as I almost always burn the bottom of cookies or mess up the icing of cupcakes. One time, I even had flames in the oven as I left something incidentally in there that wasn't supposed to be there and it got burned. But my family is always supportive and always wipe out whatever I make however they look like. hehe

For the past weeks, I have been baking more cookies and trying to learn how not to burn the bottom, how to make all kinds - chewy, crunchy, cake-y cookies. I managed to make batches which "can be sold". I was so happy when the first 'perfect' batch came out of the oven! hahaha

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookies

Neiman Marcus Chocolate Cookie

Indeed, practice makes perfect. Hindi magically makakagawa ka ng anything perfect. We have to practice, practice, try and try until we reach a result that is great and satisfying. :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Friday, April 5, 2013

Not the ballad kind of girl

Lem shared this song to me quite a while ago. I saw Hercules when I was a kid but for some reason I don't remember hearing this at all. Maybe I was too young then to appreciate it?

Fastforward to today, well, I love it now. If you know me, I'm sure you will understand why. haha

But I just found out that Disney considered another song for Meg.

It's a nice song too but I get why Disney chose I Won't Say I'm in Love than this. I agree with the uploader - Meg is not the ballad kind of girl. This song is just not her. 

It's a nice contrast though and it shows how different we can interpret emotions. It's like, 

Meg 2: HUHUHU I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M IN LOVE. It feels good though. :)

Funny how that is possible.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Time for Tea

I chanced upon this infographic while looking for decor inspiration for the afternoon tea we are planning. Cool stuff!

Monday, January 14, 2013


Here I go again with another phase of obsession and this is the type that I hate. I'm wasting too much time recently on games by Gameloft Inc. :( This is actually the reason why I don't want to get a tablet of any kind. I am into the long, repetitive, goal-oriented kind of games and not the arcade type like Temple Run or Angry Birds so just imagine how much time I waste. It's really sad! 

It started with (Please don't laugh at me!!!) The Littlest Petshop. I downloaded it thinking it would be like Tamagotchi. It's far from it but I still got hooked. Look at those cute little pets! I only stopped playing this game 'cause I don't want to pay for diamonds.
And then I downloaded Fashion Icon which I completed. I reached Level 40 and became a haute couture expert or something like that. The game requires dressing up your character and going to fashion battles, flirting with boys, working different fields and SHOPPING for clothes. You can earn diamonds in this game so you really don't have to buy which is great. I don't know how much time I spent completing this game. OMG!
Now, I am playing Little Big City where I build houses and plant crops and be friends with other mayors. Huhuhu it's really addicting!!!
I need to stop 'cause too much staring on the screen gives me a headache. Right now I'm putting my phone somewhere I can't reach it so I don't play this damn game. 

Ugh can't wait for this phase to be over.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hello, 2013!

Happy new year and happy "new" blog!

I'm working on my blog again and trying to keep up with the times. I'm surprised how much Blogger has changed since I last used it. So far, I have a new header and I've also added pages. I'm still figuring out how I want to set up this blog so please bear with me. 

Meanwhile 2013 is quickly becoming a busy year. I really have a feeling that I'm just updating this blog so that I can get away from the things that I should be doing. Hahaha! I really feel that the holiday season was really short! Sobrang bitin!!! Up to now, I'm still adjusting to waking up early again for work. But hey, let's do this! Let's make this year one of the best! Hello, 2013!
Cheers to a happy, healthy and love- and success-filled year!

 I realized this blog is 6 years old now. That's a preschooler already in human age. Wow.