Sunday, August 31, 2008


1) No to bottled water

Aside from the fact that clean drinking water should be a right and not a privilege, bottled water adds up to the pollution. After reading about the ever growing consumerism and all that, I've decided to stop buying bottled water for the environment and for humanity. Hehe. Actually, the suggestion is to drink tap but I really can't stomach even just the thought of it sooo yeah I'll just minimize my purified water consumption. So no more plastic bottles. I'll start bringing my own water bottle. :)

You know what, I should also give up my daily caffeine fix *coughStarbuckscough* but I think I will need more will power to do that. Haha!

2) Consistency!

I lack consistency. I'd get high grades on one exam and then the next would be a total disaster. Better work on that.

3) Less tambay time. Be more productive.

Yun na. I'm still gonna work during the fall sooo I should use my time wisely.

4) Don't ask for plastic bags when shopping

You see, I work at a retail store and the amount of plastic we just throw out makes me guilty. I always feel like I'm hurting the Earth everytime I dispose plastic bags.

5) Matuto magtipid.

I need to know how to save money. SERIOUSLY. I promised myself I would really work hard on this one.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Felt like myself again

Funny how $10 can make you feel yourself again.

I missed this.

A lot.


I'm crazy for saying, err, typing (Baka sitahin mo na naman ako dito. Haha!) this but I miss you. Seriously. I wish I can blame it on hormones but I can't so I guess I just have to admit it.

I miss you.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Uhh Okay???

May problema talaga ko sa pagtanda sa mga mukha at pangalan. Nalilito na naman ako. Sign ba to ng early dementia o selective lang din ang memory ko parang kay Charrie? Wahahaha!

There's this person na nag-add sa akin sa isang networking site na hindi ko matandaan tapos after a day or two, naalala ko kung san ko sya nakilala. And then just recently, I saw a picture of the person. Tapos bigla kong naalala dun sa picture na yun (Wag na tanungin kung pano! Hahaha! Nakakaloka lang.) na nakikita ko naman pala sya around the city though kahit kelan di ko naisip na nakilala ko na pala sya.

Wahaha! Grabe kaya wag na kayo magtaka kung kahit nakilala ko na kayo tapos di ko pa rin kayo binabati kasi mas madalas, nakakalimutan ko talaga. Unless ikaw si 1230. Sadya talaga yun. Wahahahahaha!!! JK!

Weird lang din, kilala pala nya ko pero di rin naman sya namamansin tapos inadd ako. Haha! Ano ba yun? Hahaha!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


He's in Engineering...

...and that aviator sunglasses,

plus the leather messenger bag...,


Monday, August 18, 2008

Stress relief

I was talking to Arianne minutes ago how I don't like that I have little control over my pictures on Facebook. I don't know. Privacy is really important to me. The thought of someone else being able to see my profile and all that is uncomfortable. As much as possible, I don't link my accounts. I even hate the fact that if you google my name, this blog would appear. Ang praning pero ganun.


I still have one and half chapters to finish. May trabaho dapat ako bukas pero nakipagpalit na ko ng shift kasi alam kong hindi ko nga to matatapos ngayon. Grabe information overload. Soooobrang daming kailangang tandaan. The thing is 'recognition' and 'familiarity' doesn't work in our exams, meaning I really have to 'know everything' to do good.


Okay, I have to sleep now.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

You're the traffic in my head

This is the third time this week
That I find myself wandering down your street
And I can't seem to give it up.
And I've even stopped making these excuses
For why you're stuck here in my thoughts
When it's been long enough.
And I try to keep myself moving,
But I'm not going anywhere.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Yes, I'm trying to free myself from stress

I love my Abnormal psyc prof. Grabe sobrang bait nya. Haha!

So... I only have Exam 3 left. Dapat nag-aaral na nga ako ngayon e kaso sobrang pagod ako dahil wala pa kong masyadong tulog dahil sa paper and then nagwork pa ko kanina.

Birthday ni Charrie kanina. Hindi pa kaya ng powers namin si Shortcake so iba na lang ang hinanda namin. Haha! Nagdala si Lem ng strawberry cheesecake. Strawberry shortcake sana dahil sa alaala ni Shortcake pero walang makita si Lem so cheesecake na lang. Nagdala akong balloons. Ayun, dahil dun, parang alam na ng buong UM na birthday ni Charrie kanina. Hahaha!

Hindi ko na nakakasabay si Lemon! Nakikita ko pa rin sya sa school pero hindi ko na sya nakakasabay pagpasok. Sadness. Sya na nga lang ang nagpapaganda ng downtown e, nawala pa! Natakot ako nung Wednesday kasi may matanda dun sa bus stop. Gamit ang aking peripheral vision, nakita ko na nakatitig lang sya sa akin. OMG. As in. Tapos ayun maya-maya lumapit na sya at kinausap ako. E exam day ko nun so nagbabasa ako and I was like really ignoring him, showing him that I don't want to talk pero nakatitig lang sya sa akin. Katakot!!! Shit lang. Hindi pa dun natatapos ang lahat kasi habang kinakausap nya ko, may nilabas sya sa bag nya na white na lalagyan tapos may mga dried leaves. I was like, "Teka marijuana ba yun?". Ayun lalo lang akong natakot. Umalis din sya nung nagsawa na siguro mageffort kausapin ako pero tingin pa rin sya ng tingin. The next day, andun uli sya. Buti na lang late dumating yung bus na supposedly earlier sa usually na sinasakyan ko. Kahit alam kong di ko makakasabay si Lemon, go na. Jusko mas mahal ko ang sarili ko. Buti kanina, wala yung matanda.

Ngayon, inaantok na ko. Mukhang di na ko makakaaral talaga. Bukas na lang, promise.

Hindi bagay na codename kay Lemon and Lemon. Yung itsurang yun...haha! Pero wala kong maisip na iba so okay na yun.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

trying, trying, TRYING!

Oo. May paper akong ginagawa ngayon pero kailangan ko magbreak muna. Nababaliw na ko.
2 pages pa rin ako. Kamusta naman? Wala na 'tong tulugan.

I need a dose of Lemon.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Chase

I heard the cries,
I know of their existence.
But somehow,
grief fades into the oceans.

I can't feel anything.

The distance seems to swallow the pain.
The worries, stranded.
No drops are falling from these pools of blackness now.

It's all strange.

Unreal to the new pages of the book I'm writing,
Too real to the tattered one I keep.
It floats like an island, hiding.
Waiting to be found,

Ominous puffs of black and white.
Dark rivers seem to flow steadily on the other side.
I shiver but then, I saw you,
the light is back on your face,
the old storm seemed to clear away.

"It is time", you said. "Go on. I'll be ahead."
"The chase with the sun never ends."

I hope you are resting well, Ate Nene. I know you're enjoying heaven now.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm taking a break 'coz I can

And the 7th thing I hate most about you,
you make me love you

My brain is sooo tired I need a break. I still have 3 chapters to read and a paper to write and I really, really don't feel like studying right now. Pwedeng idle time na lang muna?

Oo. Katamaran ito.

Kasi naman e...

Umm...wala pala akong excuse. Hahaha!
Basta tinatamad lang talaga ako ngayon.
Yun na.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I have been following the news about the Greyhound bus killing for days now. If you are from here, you know how much of an impact it is to the city. The gruesome murder is the talk of the town. Who would have thought something like that would happen in Manitoba? And to a Winnipeger? Tim Mclean is so young and he doesn't deserve to die like that. No one does.

It is sad, frightening, and disturbing.

But I think what makes it sadder is that some people are looking at the issue of immigration rather than the real problem. The suspect is an Asian immigrant. But, really, so what? It has nothing to do with what he did. His race shouldn't even be part of the news at all but, yes, it is on every article.

Ugh. World, you need to grow up.


The priest last Sunday prayed for Tim Mclean's soul. I nudged my sister and asked her why aren't we praying for the suspect. He needs it too, I think.

Oh well. Maybe even priests do forget that we should pray for everyone even for the 'lost lambs'.