Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Half-Blood Prince

Waah! May trailer na!!! November na sana!!! Ang 'dark' nung feel nung trailer pero gusto ko!

View the trailer here.

Hala. Naka-ilang entry ako ngayong gabi? Hahahaha!

You weren't there

Shit. Sobrang idle time. Hahaha! Pati ito pinatulan.
This is supposed to be a Friendster thing pero ayoko magflood sa Bulletin. Salamat kay Mavic na bored din. Hahaha!

1. Story behind your primary picture? Haha! Ginamit ko dahil kinakailangang itago ng konti ang identity.

2. Do you love chocolates? Umm, yeah. Dark ones.

5. Your current mood in one word? BORED

6. Latest realization? Nakakamiss din pala maging musically-inclined.

7. In love with? Life.

9. Last place you hung out? UC

10. First band/group you liked? Spice Girls!

11.First music video you enjoyed? Stop ng Spice Girls.

12. Favorite lines from a song? Umm, at the moment eto..."You breathe infinity into my world and time was lost up in a cloud and in a whirl" tsaka "If you love me, won't you let me know".

13.Word for the day? Tagumpay. Hahaha!

15. Are you missing someone? Ah yeah. Always.

17. What was the last SMS you received about? Haha! Si Lem sabi hot ang prof nya.

19.Usual first impression on you? Hard to please.

20.Favorite tv series? Ngayon, My Girl. Hahaha!

21. Current addiction/passion? The sun and walking

23. Last person you talked to on the phone? Si Paul?

25.Last thing your Dad told you? Tinanong ako kung may pasok si Bruha.

26. Do you still feel your answer in no.5? Uh yeah. Kaya nga nakarating ako sa #26

27. May gumugulo ba sa lovelife mo ngayon? Meron. Hahaha! Issue!

Dakilang Procrastinator

Nakakaaliw ang tagumpay. Hahaha! Una pang nalaman ni Lem. Hahaha! Shit. Aliw talaga.

Per seryoso muna ng konti. Haha!

Tinatamad akong mag-aral ngayon. Tinatamad akong simulan yung paper. Eto sa harap ko yung libro pero...wala. Tinatamad talaga ko. Gusto ko umalis pero wala akong mapuntahan. Gusto ko lang maglakad-lakad kasi maaraw pero para naman akong ewan nun kasi wala nga akong destinasyon. Ang ganda pa naman sa labas. Nakakatamad. Forever.

Argh. Promise magtitino na ko bukas. PROMISE! PROMISE!

Sa ngayon, gusto ko talaga lumabas. :)

Delete uli?

Tagumpay ang kalokohan.

Monday, July 28, 2008


So bumili na ko ng planner kanina, The Naked Roommate yung binili ko.

Maraming college survival tips na nakasulat pero eto ata ang pinakauseful. WAHAHAHA!

Definition muna...

Universal Rejection Truth (URT) - No matter how beautiful, talented, or desirable you are, not everyone you want will always want you. Millions will, but millions will not.

1) Come out of denial - in other words, tanggapin ang URT
2) Train - magpaganda/magpagwapo, maging mabait, maging friendly, and the list goes on.
3) Prepare for the risk - Yun na yun!
4) Take the risk - Haha! Uwian na!
5) React, Recoup, Repeat - Gets nyo na yun!


Thursday, July 24, 2008


Talked to K after a long, long time. Hay. We should talk more often but the time zones and the numerous activities we engage in keep us from making it possible. I talked to her about things that have been bothering me for a while now and I'm so happy I did. She totally sees them in a different perspective and, I don't know, her views on things just amazes me. There is enough frankness to make me realize things and she keeps everything somehow real. So yeah, after much thought, I've decided to just let it all go. Just keep things flowing and not really minding about what is there and what isn't. She reminded me not to rush and just focus on the brighter side of things.

Thanks, K. Get well!
I missed you and I love, love, love you.
15 years and counting...


Congratulations to
my best friend Kathleen,
my best barkada ever, Kristoffer, Angel, and Mae-anne!

Nurses na sila!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Next week August na!

Shit lang ang bilis ng July.

Next week may summer class uli ako. Folklorama na naman. Tapos maghahanda na para sa Fall. Tapos, tapos...

Parang wala ata akong ginawa ngayong July. Wala masyadong work, wala masyadong activities. Ang highlight na ata e ang Dark Knight. Hahahaha! (Oh grabe! Sobrang cool ng movie na yun! Manonood ako uli! Haha!)

Dumaan lang ang 3 buwan ng bakasyon ng hindi ko namamalayan. Parang maraming ginagawa na parang hindi rin naman. Ewan. Basta. Ganun.

Gusto ko na ring pumasok para may rason para gumising ng maaga at lumabas araw-araw. Pag ganito kasing walang pasok, 3AM na ko natutulog, 11AM na ko nagigising at hindi ako productive. Ang sarap ng feeling ng nagigising ng maaga tipong nakikita yung pagsikat ng araw pero masarap din magpuyat, dumaldal, at may sleep-in. Hahaha! So dapat talaga may pasok na ko para maayos ko ang buhay ko.

Gusto ko na ng bagong planner pero I promised myself I won't buy until the end of July. Haha! Ewan. Napaka-symbolic sa akin ng bagong planner. Actually, iniintay ko yung day na bibili na ko kasi marami nang nakaplanong isulat at dun na magsisimula ang... ano pa nga ba? Ang mga plano. So ayun. Weird ba? Hahaha!

Went to school this afternoon. Kinuha nila Panget at Maesie yung ID cards nila. Estudyante na nga sila ng UofM. Nagbayad din ako ng tuition fee for summer. Umikot kami sa campus para makita nila yung mga classrooms nila. Pupunta dapat kami ng Mcdermot pero umaambon so hindi na lang. Dumaan na lang kami ng Superstore. Hahahaha!

So there. See? Wala masyadong happenings. Or so it seems. Haha! JK!

Dalawang tao, dalawang beses, dalawang magkasunod na araw.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Deadly Little Thing

Just yesterday, Dar and I were talking about how we hate insects. Business was so slow we practically just talked and talked all night. We both agree that those little things can be really nasty and they seem to enjoy seeing people irritated by their presence. Just imagining what a lot of them look like gives us the creeps. I know, some people will say were mean but before you say anything else read this. I can't believe 5 caterpillars will cause someone so young and healthy to have multiple organ failure. It's scary. And yeah, the worst thing with insects is that a lot of times you won't even notice something bit you or even if you do, you probably will think it's not something serious. And really, there's just too many of them and it would be really a challenge to remember which ones to avoid.

So just avoid them all together. Hahaha!

Well, okay. Insects like this don't exist in the city. (Duh!)The ones in our backyard can't kill, of course (let's hope not!), but they are still annoying. Really annoying. But okay, okay. They're part of the ecosystem, yeah, and they help balance whatever,...okay. Annoying!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Some random personal stuff

I realized that I have been idle for years now. Idle when it comes to things I used to be passionate about. I don't know. The past years seemed like a whirlwind of things thrown in together. I have been busy with new things and I lost the old ones, the old, familiar ones I used to do. I thought about how I lived the last 5 years and I can't really say which took me away from my old passions.

For example, all I remember is that I don't want to sing anymore. Not in front of a crowd. Not ever again. It doesn't feel like 'me' somehow. Years ago, the stage is one of the most comfortable places for me. If you ask me now, just thinking about it makes me cringe. I still sing though in karaoke nights and in music videos my sister and I make when we want to be silly. Umm...that's it.

It's not that I don't have something that I am really passionate about right now. I just feel that I'm not doing enough. I'm searching for a purpose. A chance maybe to change something. Or something that will change me.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Sunday's homily. :)

(Happiness! Nag-bear na ng flowers yung tinanim kong halaman!)


Sabi ni Apple, ako lang ang gumagawa ng sarili kong problema.

Gaga lang daw akong sadya.

Hmmm. Baka nga. Hahahahaha!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Nag-karaoke kami ni Bruha kanina. Puro kanta ng Spice Girls. Natawa ako sa 2 Become 1 kasi ngayon ko lang nabasa/inintindi yung lyrics. I know it is about sex pero naloka ako dito:

"Be a little bit wiser,baby. Put it on, Put it on."

Well, it's good that they thought about contraception but, I don't know. I still find it a bit odd for a song.

You know what I mean. Hahahahaha!