Sunday, September 11, 2011

Travelog: Hollywood

Okay continuing where I left off with my travelogs.

Hollywood Blvd is a busy, busy street. It was a good thing we dressed comfortably. 

Michael Jackson's star the busiest star on the street. It was so hard to get an unobstructed view. After multiple attempts, I got a decent picture!

 Grauman's Chinese Theatre

I kept on searching for this and then before leaving I found it! Haha! (I wanna go the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!! AAAAHHH!)

The famous Hard Rock Cafe

The most enjoyable part for me is the visit to the Kodak Theatre and the Hollywood and Highland Center (not 'centre' haha). While I was walking alone this 20 something guy and his dad started talking about Filipinos while looking at me. Awkward! Haha! The guy was telling his dad about his Filipino friends.


Here is a shot inside H&HC. I liked the "ambiancey"! I wish we have a mall like this here in the city but that would be impossible given the weather. Malls in Cali remind me so much of malls back in Manila for some reason.

Hello, Hollywood sign!

We did some shopping and ate lunch at The Grill. I had Blackened Tilapia with mashed potatoes. The fish was pan seared. Saraaap! We had a very gwapo server too. Haha!

Take out! Before leaving we grabbed some cupcakes from Crumbs to eat back in the hotel. We got Vanilla, Chocolate Mint, Carrot and, of course, mawawala ba ang Red Velvet?

We really, really enjoyed our stay in Cali and we want to be back soon! We are hoping to explore the Bay area next time (where most of our family lives) pero grabe we still want to go back to Disneyland! Haha! Hopefully we can go back next year!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

100 Years of Fashion

This is a worthy break from the travelogs! In celebration of 100 years of style.

I agree with the Youtube comment. No matter what you do, you can't really make the 90s look good! I think it is really the worst decade in fashion. Tell me. Who among you does not cringe at the sight of their photos from the 90s?

On another fashion related note, isn't the Lanvin campaign cute in an awkward kind of way? Winner ang appearance ni Alber!

EDIT: OH MYYY! Nail polish lover's delight from Chanel!