Sunday, May 23, 2010

May Long

While other people look forward to long weekends and holidays, I don't. I was never too excited about days off. I often feel that holidays disrupt the flow of things. You know, things that have to be done has to be put off. Say I am waiting for something that needs to be processed for 4-5 business days. Add up the weekend and the holiday (if there's one) and the wait stretches out. Or say, you're waiting for an important email and then you won't receive any reply because it's a long weekend. I SO HATE THAT. Plus, long weekends were never productive for me. Like this one!

Anyway, last night Arianne and I went to the Truefaith concert! FUN although the audience can be better. Well, can't blame them naman. They are a relatively older audience. I mean, really, you can't expect them to jump up and down and party.

Truefaith sang their hits. OMG kiligers! "Kung OK Lang Sa'yo", "Wag Na Lang Kaya", "Perfect", "Dahil Ikaw". Medwin's voice was soooo good!

They also played songs from their new album. I heard their new song, "Yun Lang" featuring Armi of Up Dharma Down weeks ago and liked it. Pero iba pag live! Ang taas ng energy!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Wanted: Employer

We are now in the middle of May. So far I have sent out 6 resumes/application forms. I won't lie and say they are "easy" jobs. They are legit, non-sales/retail jobs. Yes, I am choosy. Kill me now.

I have been applying for a little over a week now. Only a week and believe me, the anxiety is killing me. I'm not entirely sure if it's because I am really, really bored (since the term ended, my #1 problem is finding something productive to do) or because of unemployment itself. I'm not really unemployed but I have lots of spare time that I think can be used for more. If I have projects it wouldn't be so bad but even those are not progressing.

Right now, I have a list of "things to do". Things that were overlooked before because I was too busy. Maybe God gave me this time to focus on these things.

AHHH. I hate this feeling.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Koala Day

Enjoyed the beautiful and sunny, 27C Winnipeg yesterday with the Koalas! Had a really, really fun day! HAHAHA I can't believe how crazy we are. OMG! I wish I can blog about what actually happened yesterday but I can't sadly. Let's just say that whatever happened exceeded our expectations. HAHAHA

Sunday, May 9, 2010

When Five Fell

Gessa and I have been raving about this Wong Fu Prod video at around 2AM. Ha! Yes, we were wide awake. There's too much to love in this short. It was smart, sweet, and poetic. It was romantic but not cheesy. I don't even know how many times I've watched it since last night.

Wesley Chan wrote and directed the video.

Here is When Five Fell.

when five fell. wesley chan

The morning is which she lingers.
It's before the world wants anything from her,
and that's when she's most beautiful.
It's true not many saw her like that.
But I can't say I was the only one.

Eventhough we each had our own beginnings
Mornings like this were shared between us all.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


And so after a long, long time I went and visited the gallery. It was unplanned. I was supposed to go somewhere else but decided against it the last minute. I ended up going to the gallery.

I visited five exhibitions: the Art of Warner Bros. Cartoons; The Collection on View: European Renaissance and Baroque Art: 1500-1700; The Collection on View: The Academic Tradition in Europe & Canada, 1700-1900; The Collection on View: Modernist Traditions: 1870-1950; The Collection on View: Art on a Paper Ground

It amazes me how the age of the artwork does not seem to sink on me. I touched a table and a desk and I can't seem to process the thought that they are both from 1650. While looking at them, I tried to put them in context. I tried to imagine the world in that year to be able to think of them as something that is more than 300 years old but I can't.

There were a number of things that stood out. I loved the Greek sculpture and the ivory and copper casket. I like the old pieces of furniture. I like the huge altarpieces.

George Agnew Reid - The Story, 1890. - Oil on canvas,Collection of the WinnipArt Gallery. Gift from the Hugh F. Osler Estate. G-47-164.

This is the painting that I loved the most in the Academic Tradition collection. There's something cute, mysterious, and great about this picture. The charm of these boys in their little coats is irresistible.

It was nice feeling. I love the peace and quiet the place gives me. I like being surrounded by art. Could have stayed longer but I had to go somewhere. I wish to come back soon and just sit there and let time pass. Soon.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hands Free

(from This made me laugh out loud. I can never be comfortable with hands-free handsets and anyone who uses them. They're weird and I will forever think that they are. I have had a few incidents with people using hands free. Talk about awkward and funny. And no, I won't even blog about them because they are downright embarrassing.

Anyway, I had the longest sleep in many, many months. I slept before 3AM and woke up today at 1PM. So that's more than 10 hours. Yay! It's a feat! I don't even feel guilty about it! The weather's still pretty ugly outside and really, it is nice to sleep when it is raining.

After my long sleep, I organized and cleaned my bookshelf! I kept putting off cleaning it 'cause I thought it will take hours but it actually took me less than an hour. Now all my notes and books from all four years of studying look so neat. I never sold any of them (some were borrowed by friends) and I never highlighted a page nor wrote in any. I'm a sentimental freak but only when it comes to books. On the other hand, my notes are organized by the term/year I made them. 90% are in transparent duo-tangs. My sister's used my 4 year old Psyc notes in Winter. She didn't use her book and just read what I wrote and she got better grades (compared to Fall). HAHAHAHA Maybe I should make a business out of them. LOL

Anyway, my right eye is strained. Yes, just my right eye. I watched two movies yesterday and now it's really acting up. :( Maybe I should ask for glasses so it doesn't get tired easily. Better end this now and rest my eye.

Wow this entry is so random. I'm really bored.

Monday, May 3, 2010

That old chair

Okay this is weird.

I was browsing the Daily Candy website when I saw this deckchair.

I thought, "This is eerily familiar."

And then I remembered we used to have a chair similar to this one. It's not just the design but the colors too. I wish I have a picture so I can show you how similar they are.

This chair is worth $175. Our chair might be 175 too - in Philippine peso. LOL

Anyway this chair is by Gallant & Jones, a Canadian company.

They have a cute website. Check them out here:


I have been complaining for days now because I have nothing to do. During the days that I don't have work, I go out. Like... I shop, I eat out. I just go somewhere because I'm not used to staying at home without anything to do. As a consequence, my wallet is suffering. It's sad.

Almost all the people I know have been complaining about the sudden lack of something to do. We are sooo damn bored. I mean, I went from staying at the library till it closes because I have papers to write and chapters to read, juggling school with work and then in a blink, I have nothing left to do. It has been a week now since my last day in school and I can't keep still. I need to do stuff!!! Actually, I think it hasn't sunk in that I'm actually done with school (at least for now!). I'm still pretty much there everyday because of work. But I miss it! I miss having to do schoolwork! Throw stones at me but I actually miss the pressure. The day after my presentation, I went to Chapters and bought a book that looks like university text (NO LOGO by Naomi Klein). LOL I'm reading it now plus the book that I borrowed from the library. If there is something good that came out of this boredom, it's the fact that I'm reading again for pleasure. It has been a long time since I last read a book just because. And yes, I'm loving it.

But still I'm looking for the busy-ness. Today is quite a happy day because I have things to do. YAY! I had a meeting that started before 11AM and went on until 2PM. I stayed at work till 2.30 then I was off to my other meeting for UMSigaw at 3. Walked around the Osborne village because I had to buy cards and also, look for a dress for the honours dinner (Kristin and I bought tickets earlier so there's no backing out now!).

I'm pretty much done with the things I have to do for tonight. I just have to organize documents from work and then I'm back to reading Love in the Time of Cholera. I'm thoroughly enjoying the book! Can't explain how Fermina Daza amuses me. Haha!