Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Stress that is Christmas

Here we go again with the commercialized Christmas we all love and hate. My brother is on a roll! Holy! He's almost done with his Christmas shopping. And if you think he's giving away blah gifts this year, well, he's not. His gifts are fab! While me...I haven't even started shopping!

Since I haven't done anything today (I was supposed to go to the library and write and paper but I got lazy. I was also supposed to go to the bank to set up a new account but again I got lazy.), I decided to look for gifts online. I'm sooo not good at it. I need to practice this online shopping thing. I managed to find a few stuff. I think I got about 7 people covered but I have to shop for a bunch more. I'm trying to find a site where I could buy ALL the gifts I need pero it seems to be impossible. What I'm doing is that, I try to buy a number from a store hindi yung isa-isa lang.

O-M-G. This Christmas thing is really stressful not to mention magastos ha.

I really should list all the people I will give gifts to and indicate what I will give them. Hay nako. STRESS. This is hard as final exams!!!

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