Monday, December 21, 2009

Work Kills

So far I haven't done anything worthwhile. Well, except maybe for sleeping. I've been making up for all the days I was only dependent on coffee for survival because of the lack of sleep. I haven't made a lot of progress with my Christmas shopping, I haven't gone back to edit my thesis introduction, and I haven't edited my library proposal. Also, I haven't bought any clothes for Christmas and I haven't had my haircut either. All I do is work. Oh shit. What is happening to my Christmas vacation??? Even on Boxing Day, I'm working.

This is bad. I'm starting to hate it.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try and finish my Christmas shopping and maybe shop for clothes then work. And then Tuesday morning, I'll get my haircut and then go to the party. And then work, work, work. It's never ending!!! I wish for the 27th so people will stop shopping already.

As for other things, maybe I should list all the things that I should do so I can schedule each appropriately. I don't know maybe it's just hormones but I feel that I'm not doing anything of much worth lately. I can't see the importance of what I've been doing. I feel so stagnant.

Wow, that's so emo.

It's just that I want to do lots of things but I can't start them now because obviously I still have to graduate. But I can't help but feel that sad, sorry feeling that I'm not doing anything now besides studying. Ay nako. I hate it.

Anyway, I really think the "nasa isip mo lang ang magic" is true. I have tried. I acted kilig but's nothing. It's so sad. I feel sad for myself. LOL

Self, if it's not him then what exactly are you looking for?

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