Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

Shopping never stops. I've made so many shopping trips in just a week! I've already spent... OH DON'T EVEN ASK. Well, today is the 26th which means it's BOXING DAY! It also means that more shopping has to be done. The mall opened at 8.30 but some stores like Best Buy opened at 5.30. Lots of people were in the mall despite of the fact that the snow was so bad. 5cm maybe? We had to shovel before we can leave the house.

Anyway, we were at the mall at 9am, which means I had an hour to shop since I have to start work at 10. I actually did pretty well. I bought some accessories, a cardigan, a wallet, shoes for my brother, dress for Zia, and some gifts. It's interesting that I almost got everything covered this holiday/shopping season. I have all that I need. Boots, clothes, accessories...Well, except maybe for additional pairs of jeans which I didn't get the chance to buy because I just had no time. And maybe I could use a new bag. Oh shit. Here I am thinking about more gastos.

Soooo the mall was busy. Our store not so much; the other stores, on the other hand, even have line ups. Lulu Lemon, Guess, and Club Monaco have lines. Lulu Lemon, I think, was the busiest. We were curious why everyone was lining up. Chi asked one of our customers who came from there and she said she was able to buy a jacket for only $25 from $100+. AMAAAZING! Wish I was able to go.

I'm not sure if there will still be sales tomorrow but I think I'll check some of the stores out since I'm gonna be there again for work. YAY!

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