Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dream of Me, Love Edward

I went to my brother's room to borrow his Iphone charger so I could charge my Ipod and lo and behold I saw my old notebook on his bedside. I don't know how it got there. The notebook is like 5 years old. It had it when I was still in Diliman. HAHAHA. So yeah, it triggered a let's-walk-down-memory-lane mood. I climbed up a chair and reached for my big, old, black bag hidden beneath tons of other bags to get my journals.

It was sooooo fun to read old stuff. Shet. HAHAHA.

I read that I chatted with one badminton athelete a couple of times before. I totally forgot about this. HAHAHA. I was looking for a picture of him on the web but I only found this. LOL. He's one of the Cosmo Bachelors in 2007!

One of my entries describe I dream that I had October 2004.

My entry went this way:

I was coming out of a forest. I was on a Jeep (Jeep talaga not the Pinoy public transpo) then I was racing with this leopard. Nag-short cut daw tapos bigla na lang, the animal was on the Jeep na. It became human. A blond, super goodlooking guy. His eyes are grey and dead but beautiful. As we reach the main road, he was preparing to jump out of the vehicle. I looked at him and then kissed him. His lips was cold. Icy cold. It's as if he never loved before and his eyes have no emotion. He jumped out but then he ran back and and knelt down and said, "If you think I didn't feel that, then you're wrong". I kissed him again and then he ran. It shifted to another location then I said to him, "Please just become human".

At the end of the dream, he didn't become fully human but we were together.

As I was reading, I was thinking this is FAMILIAR.

And then I realized, shet... EDWARD CULLEN! HAHAHAHAHA and the dream was 5 years ago - a year before Twilight was even published.

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