Monday, April 25, 2011

Tuna Dimsum

Another Jenni Epperson recipe! 

This made us EXCITED. Haha! It's a combination of some of the things we love: 

tuna + dimsum + lemon

It's a winner even before we made it! My sister has been staying away from eating meat for quite a while now plus pretty much everyone in the family is on a low cholesterol diet so recipes like this is received with much appreciation here in our household. 

We followed pretty much everything in the recipe except that we opted to make it like pork dumplings as you will see in the pictures below.

Tuna, Bokchoy and Lemon
The tuna mixture was seasoned to taste. Also, good thing we found Bokchoy at Safeway! Who knew that they have it there? And thank heavens for tags otherwise I wouldn't know it is a Bokchoy. I'm sorry I'm a market noob. I don't know my vegetables.

Good thing I did not have trouble sealing the wonton wrappers. The trick is using water to seal each one.

Each batch was steamed for 10 minutes. We like our dimsum gummy so that worked for us but some may like it softer so longer steaming time may be necessary.

Tuna Dumplings
The taste did not disappoint! We LOVED it! And because it's tuna, eating a number was guilt-free!
Meal time!

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