Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thesis Writing Ep. 1

Nababaliw na sa dami ng research articles.
Nababaliw na sa jargon.
Nababaliw na.

Nababaliw na......... SA'YO.


Holy crap. This is how stressed I am right now. Wait. Scratch that. I'm not stressed. My brain just refuse to focus on my thesis introduction outline. I'm sooo elsewhere. You know when you have lots to do and you feel helpless, you ended up not wanting to do anything, which is bad, I know. But I have long accepted the fact that my being human includes being tired and irresponsible. I've already mastered that sentence and I will hold on to that. LOL

Anyway, I have to go back and write this outline before I get really screwed up. I also have TWO big exams coming up so I have to straighten up and be responsible.

Byers for now.

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