Saturday, October 24, 2009

I just have to post something

I don't want to think about my exam last Thursday but somehow it makes it way into consciousness. I'm scared of it! I'm sooo scared of that course! Out of all my classes this term, that one is the biggest source of PRESSURE and FEAR. Shit. Really...shit.

My desk at the library. 2nd date with Julian and Bernard.

I've been studying nonstop. There is no day where I did nothing related to school. Everyday is school-day. Even my weekend will be spent studying. I HAVE TO. It's my Anthro exam on Monday and I haven't read a thing.

I've also been writing the Methods outline. I'm still not done with it. There are some details that I'm not sure about... ARGH. I have to sent it though before Monday to my advisor.

THE POSITIVE SIDE... I'm not cramming as much. I still go out once in a while. I still talk to some friends. I'm still active in other activities.

Everything's cool so far. :)


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Not sure though if this is hers talaga. Lotsa cute stuff over there.
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