Saturday, August 4, 2012

Travelog: NASA's Kennedy Space Centre

This may be the most surreal experience ever. Hindi talaga pumapasok sa utak ko na eto talaga yun. This is the real deal!!! Naiisip ko pa rin na  baka niloloko ako ng mga employees. 

Hindi talaga 'to theme park? Rockets and satellites talaga?

We went to Merritt Island to visit the Kennedy Space Centre (KSC). All tourists were welcomed to the Visitor Complex where we boarded a bus tour. We didn't have to wait long because there were a lot of buses and they were very organized. The tour lasted about an hour long and took us to see different parts of the centre. The area is also a wildlife sanctuary so we got to see an eagle's nest, a lot of alligators and a number of bird species.

First stop is the Vehicular Assembly Building or VAB. Mahilig sa acronyms sa NASA so gamitin na rin natin para cool at feeling astronaut din tayo. This building is HUGE. As in I can't-wrap-my-eyes-and-brain-around-it huge. It needed to be this size because they used this building to assemble Saturn V. They still use this to assemble the Space Shuttle. It is the fourth largest structure in the world by volume! No, we didn't get off and go inside. The bus just went around the building. Syempre secret pa rin kung paano mag-operate ang NASA.

Vehicle Assembly Building or VAB

And then we were brought to the Saturn V Centre! I had to remember to close my mouth while I was here. I was soooo amazed!!!

 We also got to experience how it's like to board a shuttle via a simulation. It was exciting but then again, I don't know if I'd still say that about the real thing. Haha!

During this trip I also got to know how much these astronauts sacrifice. We all know they are brilliant, exceptional, dedicated individuals but I would like to commend them for their bravery. Each time they take on a mission, they know that their life is at stake but they still do it for science and for mankind. It's so selfless to do something like this. 

US Astronaut Hall of Fame

Up until now, I still can't believe I got to see the space center in person. It was meaningful to me because as a kid, I really, really loved astronomy. It was a bonus that I found a copy of my most favourite book as a kid at the Visitor Complex store.

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