Monday, May 12, 2008


My sister and I had a conversation the other night after watching a news clip about this woman who has an unbelievable memory. She can remember each day of her life from the big events to the most mundane ones like what she ate for breakfast in May 2, 1988. I found myself talking about Psychology with much passion. Even I was surprised. I mean, I like it but I never thought I would be so absorbed into it that I would be able to talk and talk and discuss it with somebody else, especially like my sister who's not that into the subject. But she too was amazed by the woman's ability so I told her about what I know, which is not a lot by the way, but the conversation went on and on and then we talked about other mental disorders and stuff and I...enjoyed it. I found myself happy that I know the things that I know and that I actually look forward to learning more. If you ask me right now how did this happen, I will tell you that a part of my brain, the psychologist part, says that I chose this course that's why I am subconsciously "forced" to like it. The other half, the "just me" part, says that maybe this is really the one for me.

But honestly, when I think about this whole psychology stuff, I get scared. Sometimes I think I'm not good enough to be able to do something really great in this field. I mean, I am okay now but what comes after this is what I'm worried about. I visited websites of some of the best schools offering graduate studies in Psychology and they are kind of intimidating. It feels like you can't get in unless you're super smart and constantly getting A+'s. Argh. Torture. So I don't know, at least, not yet. I have a year to figure out what I really want to do in this field. Hopefully by the time I have to sign up for a thesis advisor, I already have a decision.

I just finished watching this clip about a little boy who can't sleep because of a rare condition called chiari malformation in which his brain stem, the part which controls sleep and various other body functions, is squeezed by his spinal column. Interesting? Oh yeah!

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