Saturday, May 10, 2008

Right here, right now

  • Sybil is now in the Philippines! Saw her cousins through webcam. Haha! Sobrang kukulit nila.
  • Coldplay is coming to Winnipeg!!! SOOOBRRANGGG naexcite ako nung nabasa ko. I told Arianne and Sybil about it and GAME NA GAME na kami. Wahaha! Sabi ko kay Arianne, kailangang eye to eye na kami ni Chris Martin pag kinanta nya yung Fix You (na sana tugtugin nga nila!) Wahaha! Plano naming gastusan talaga ang concert na ito. EXCITED!!!
  • Watched 27 Dresses this afternoon. I know. I'm SUPER LATE.
  • Jason Mraz' song Lucky is REALLY, REALLY PRETTY. Grabe. I have it on repeat sa imeem. It's actually playing right now while I'm typing this. It's a duet with Colbie Callait! Included sya sa bagong album which will be released next week, I think. Waaah. I want a copy.

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