Friday, May 2, 2008

Because I'm not doing anything right now...


I was sick so I read fairytales. Hehe. I read not the Disney, kiddie versions but the real, gory ones. Little Mermaid's story is the saddest. Martyr kung martyr. Her situation: She gave up everything for the guy, but he only sees her as his best friend, his little sister, his companion. Lagi lang second si Little Mermaid sa kanya kasi nga gusto nya yung girl na inakala nyang nag-save sa kanya dati. Pero ang totoo nun, si LM naman talaga yung nag-save sa kanya. Hindi naman masabi ni LM kasi nga hindi naman nya mapapaliwanag kung paano. In the end, namatay sya tapos yung prince kinasal dun sa girl na mahal nya. Sad.

Ngayon ko lang talaga nabasa 'tong mga to. Puro verbal kwento lang dati e. Nakaka-shock pala pag sa papel. Haha!

Basta ang sad talaga nung kay Little Mermaid.


Even if I'm still not feeling well, I went to the univ to pay for my tuition fee and return (seven!!!heavy!!!) books to the library. Then, I went to look for a job. Hahahaha!

I walked, walked, walked and enjoyed the sun. Sobra nga lang mahangin pero ayos na rin. :)

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