Saturday, August 27, 2011

Travelog: The Block at Orange

Third day is shopping day! We went to the The Block which is located in Orange, another city in Orange County.

This mall is huge so again, there was a lot of walking involved. Good thing that the mall map is easy to read so finding where specific stores are was easy. I also liked the overall vibe of the place! Very laid back! They also have a very good list of retailers from Forever 21 to Neiman Marcus Last Call.

Self-serve frozen yogurt where you can choose what goes in to your cup. This is strawberry yogurt + fresh strawberries + cheesecake chunks + graham crumbs. What's good is that you pay for how much your cup weighs and not by how many toppings you pick. I forgot the name of the store though.

The Block has Neiman Marcus Last Call and Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth right next to each other. It was crazy. Haha!

Display at Neiman Marcus Last Call.

Grabbed a box of Krispy Kreme before going back to Anaheim.

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