Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Adele 21 Bonus

Everyone loves Adele! Admit it! Even you, Straight Guy! You can relate to her songs! Don't worry it will be our secret. :)

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From "...this ain't lust aaayyy knowww this is love." to "We could've had it allllll. Rolling in the deeeeep" her songs are just spot on. Every. Time. In your lifetime you might find yourself in numerous moments where an Adele song just fits right in. To a T!

So speaking of Adele, I found these! Why oh why?!?!? Adele has bonus tracks and they are not on my 21. :(

iTunes bonus track and Japan Limited Edition

I Found A Boy

UK Limited Edition

Hiding My Heart

If It Hadn't Been For Love (cover)

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