Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tough Love

Like what Marylin said, this was another fun and almost-got-in-trouble day. Impromptu get-togethers like this are always more reckless (usually because of Keith). I won't tell you what we did but it was crazy! It had me hiding in the car! Haha!

We went to pick up Mavic after and went to KP for some photos. Keith climbed this tree and posed while he was there at the top. Will post the pictures later when I have the time.

Keith and Mavs in love. HAHAHA

Who is this emo girl?

Oh there you go! Hehehe

Walking around and taking pictures while people watching but of course you can't see people here. Haha! Yes, Keith is mowdelin' again. 

Tough love! (You were both wearing purple ha! )

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