Monday, April 26, 2010

Goodbye, Undergrad!!!

IT'S DONE! Undergrad life has come to an end!

I can still remember when I was in my 1st year, I was thinking how 2010 seems so far away. And now it's here. I managed to graduate on time. I initially thought I won't be able to pull it off but here I am. It was a happy run. Of course, there were complains and rants here and there but overall, those 4 years were fun. I gained a lot of knowledge, met a lot of people, and got to know myself better.

Honestly, I can't wait. I'm excited of the new beginning this end will bring. This year will be productive. This year there will be no walls, no hesitations. As cheesy as it may sound, this is the year of realizing dreams.

Really, I can't wait.

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