Tuesday, August 18, 2009


My sister was surprised by her friends today. It's her 19th birthday. I haven't bought her a gift. Ang wish nya lang naman eh capo for her birthday. Siguro bukas na lang ako bibili. I don't know where I can find one though. I don't wanna go store to store on Portage if it's gonna rain tomorrow. Leche ha. Ayoko nga.

We have been recording songs. Experimenting. So kailangan ni Bruha ng capo so she could play more songs. I wish I could link a song here kaso I don't have an online storage.

So yeah, IT HAPPENED. And another thing happened. I don't know why they have to be on the same day. Favorite talaga ako ni Mother Nature. EFFFF.

I should be worrying about my thesis but I'm not. Right now I don't care. But I'm gonna go to school tomorrow and read/research. I'm gonna give it a day para di naman ako maguilty diba. Hayyy...

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