Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Need Your Suggestions

I've been thinking about this for quite a while. Actually, eto talaga yung dream project ko and the plan has been in my mind since I don't even remember when. I'm not sure if this is the right time for this, with me being in my (hopefully) last year in university but I'm gonna be anxious if I don't do something now. Kailangan ko lang talaga isulat 'to.

I want to gather up books for kids in the Philippines. Build a collection of books in schools that do not have libraries. And also provide the kids with colouring books and colouring materials.

When we were kids, these things were available to us and it made us learn and experience places that we haven't visited. We learned a lot by reading and it introduced us to ideas and to different possibilities. Sa experience ko, reading helped me a lot to imagine things na di ko nakikita sa immediate environment ko.

No money will be involved in this project. Donations lang lahat.

This project intends to build a collection of:

1) English materials
2) Filipino materials
3) Materials that are written in the dialect of the province
4) Colouring books and colouring materials


Provinces who do not have a formal/structured school facility. Mostly found in the northern provinces.

The problem with this project, I do not know who to contact in the Philippines that could be trusted to deliver the books to the target schools. Asking for donations is easy but the distribution is gonna be a little complicated.

So yeah, I'm asking for help. If you know someone who does the same sort of thing, or an NGO, or anyone who want to help here and in the Philippines.

And suggestions, comments, if you have any.

I just want to make this happen. THANK YOU. :)

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