Tuesday, August 4, 2009

(Dream) Home & (Dream) Art

One of dreams is that to have a house of my own. One that I will help design and build with my own money. I could already see it in my mind - my dream house. It's a dream, though, that is always changing. My dream house changes its appearance everytime I learn something new about architecture and interior design. I find new inspirations everyday. My dream is active and forever changing.

One thing that has been recently added to my dream sketch is providing space for the works of Filipino artists in my dream home. I've always expressed my regret of not knowing much about Filipino art and, yes, I've been making up for that. I have been reading more about the Pinoy art scene since now I have more time. Here are two artists that will definitely be wanted in my living room provided that I have the budget someday. Haha!

Ramon Orlina

Blue Sapphire
200638 x 25.5 x 16.5 cm
Carved Bronze Asahi Glass &
Cobalt Blue Lead Swarovski Crystal

I like this 'cause Sapphire is my birthstone.

I was introduced to Ramon Orlina through watching Urban Zone regularly. I saw his work in various houses and then recently the show featured his own home. It's amazing.

Poetry in Motion
36 x 38 x 34 cm
Carved Asahi Glass

I heard his works are EXPENSIVE. Haha! But it's worth it, right?Check out more about Ramon Orlina at

Michael Cacnio

Pictures of his work can be viewed here.
Check out his website: http://www.michaelcacnio.com/

He's also an Isko!

Benji Reyes

But I think the most influencing thing that happened to me is an unexpected visit to Mr. Benji Reyes' house more than 4 years ago. It was an honor to see such a wonderful home. I saw beauty and love for art.
It changed my definition of a dream house. It made me appreciate what's distinctly Pinoy while still embracing modern designs.
Check out his profile here.

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