Saturday, August 8, 2009


What's up with translating English songs into Tagalog? REALLY? Ang chaka-chaka. My sister made me listen to some of these translated songs and, mygahd, nakaka-highblood sila ha. I heard tagalog versions of Irreplaceable and Tell Me Where It Hurts. Ang panget! "Kaliwa, kaliwa..." REALLY???

Speaking of chaka, Carlo Caparas is on a battle. It's him against the world. Well, actually, it's him and his wife versus the entire universe. Hahahaha! I really don't understand WHY he was given the National Artist award.

National Artist and Carlo Caparas do not mix well coz it's sooo wrong.

To be fair, let's give him credit with Panday and his other endeavors in the komiks industry but the award given is for FILM. Taena. Ang mga precious massacre films ba nya ang dahilan??? WHO IN THE WORLD WILL CALL THOSE MOVIES CLASSIC?

I don't get it.

Pero ano pa nga ba ang aasahan sa isang bansang tumatangkilik kay Marian Rivera at Dingdong Dantes?

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