Friday, May 8, 2009

Delaying tactics

Okay. So the closet is clean, the bed is made, I hanged my dress for the wedding already, and now I'm typing this. I've also checked my mail, finished parts 4-6 of Grey's Anatomy, shed a tear because of that, checked Facebook... everything. I'll do anything and everything just so I don't have to do my essay yet. I tried to write something last night but it's so uninspired. I don't know I'm just so not in the mood. No ideas comes to mind.

So okay, I'm sooo kilig over Grey's Anatomy. Who would've thought na si Izzie and Alex ang makakasal ng gabi na yon. And Alex' wedding vow is so sweet and sincere. Man, that's how you do it! That's how being sweet without being cheesy kadiri is. HAHAHA!

So yeah, tomorrow's the wedding. I just hope the weather won't be crrrazzzyyy. Magsundance talaga ako bukas! Haha!

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