Monday, August 18, 2008

Stress relief

I was talking to Arianne minutes ago how I don't like that I have little control over my pictures on Facebook. I don't know. Privacy is really important to me. The thought of someone else being able to see my profile and all that is uncomfortable. As much as possible, I don't link my accounts. I even hate the fact that if you google my name, this blog would appear. Ang praning pero ganun.


I still have one and half chapters to finish. May trabaho dapat ako bukas pero nakipagpalit na ko ng shift kasi alam kong hindi ko nga to matatapos ngayon. Grabe information overload. Soooobrang daming kailangang tandaan. The thing is 'recognition' and 'familiarity' doesn't work in our exams, meaning I really have to 'know everything' to do good.


Okay, I have to sleep now.

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