Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Chase

I heard the cries,
I know of their existence.
But somehow,
grief fades into the oceans.

I can't feel anything.

The distance seems to swallow the pain.
The worries, stranded.
No drops are falling from these pools of blackness now.

It's all strange.

Unreal to the new pages of the book I'm writing,
Too real to the tattered one I keep.
It floats like an island, hiding.
Waiting to be found,

Ominous puffs of black and white.
Dark rivers seem to flow steadily on the other side.
I shiver but then, I saw you,
the light is back on your face,
the old storm seemed to clear away.

"It is time", you said. "Go on. I'll be ahead."
"The chase with the sun never ends."

I hope you are resting well, Ate Nene. I know you're enjoying heaven now.

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