Monday, July 28, 2008


So bumili na ko ng planner kanina, The Naked Roommate yung binili ko.

Maraming college survival tips na nakasulat pero eto ata ang pinakauseful. WAHAHAHA!

Definition muna...

Universal Rejection Truth (URT) - No matter how beautiful, talented, or desirable you are, not everyone you want will always want you. Millions will, but millions will not.

1) Come out of denial - in other words, tanggapin ang URT
2) Train - magpaganda/magpagwapo, maging mabait, maging friendly, and the list goes on.
3) Prepare for the risk - Yun na yun!
4) Take the risk - Haha! Uwian na!
5) React, Recoup, Repeat - Gets nyo na yun!


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